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2000 Mustang Profile

2000 Mustang
(24 hours lemons)

24 hours lemons

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Mods - Handling
SR Performance 1.5 inch Lowering Springs. 460 lb/in - Front; 280 lb/in - Rear.
Tokico D Spec adjustable shocks
rear GT sway bar
8.8 rear end 3.27 gears
Steinjager Rear Upper Control arms with J&M spherical bushings
Steeda X2 ball joints and outer tie rod bumpsteer kit
17x8 inch wheels with 245 Hankook R-S4s
Front Cobra calipers and 13 inch rotors, stock rear calipers and rotors with Carbotech RP2 on front and back.
Mods - Power
AC delete, K&N air filter, head gasket sealer
Mods - Exterior
patina, stickers, grey door, spray paint numbers, lights for night racing, and tow hooks.
Mods - Interior
Stripped interior
Full roll cage 1.75 x .120 DOM
Sparco PRO ADV QRT seat
Crow Enduro 6 point harness
SPA fire suppression system
Background & Plans
Built for 24 hours of lemons as a cheap way to introduce friends to the sport. Plans for 2021 are to add more power so it doesnt take 3 laps of epic battling to pass a geo metro.

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