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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Bloo Brick

Bloo Brick

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Mods - Handling
Front camber bolts, Whiteline rear swaybar.
For track days I have 18x9.5" wheels to put on it.
Mods - Power
K&N drop-in air filter. Airbox is wrapped in "Reflect-A-Gold" insulation. ATP "divorced wastegate" downpipe. HKS Hi-Power (single-pipe) exhaust and HKS "sport catalyzer". Software tuning by Chris Carbee. We kept the stock boost map and it makes ~320hp at the wheels.
Mods - Exterior
I traded the optional tall wing for a Lancer GTS wing.
Mods - Interior
Smells like 14 years of B.O. :-/
Background & Plans
I bought this car brand-new in April of 2008. The salesman tried to convince me to buy another one on his lot because the blue one had a whole 150 miles on it. Well, now it has 158,000 miles and I'm glad I got the color I liked.

Once the warranty ran out I started doing autocross with it. It has gone on several road trips, including visiting the mountains of New Mexico when I got out of the Chair Force, and been through Deal's Gap. A few seasons of autocross (tuned for the STU class) and 2 HPDEs at NCCAR.
  • NCCAR, LanEvo 56869907.jpg
    NCCAR, LanEvo 56869907.jpg
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  • NCCAR, Lancer Evolution pic2.jpg
    NCCAR, Lancer Evolution pic2.jpg
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  • 2008 Lancer Evolution dyno graph for 2019.jpg
    2008 Lancer Evolution dyno graph for 2019.jpg
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