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1980 Datsun 210



Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
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Datsun 210
Mods - Handling
Addco rear swaybar. Koni Yellow front struts. Auburn limited-slip, which I'm listing as a handling mod because the car has no power to speak of.
Mods - Power
K&N air filter, Centerforce clutch. Ford 7.5" rear end (and drum brakes) from a 4-cylinder Mustang in a junkyard, and the junkyard Mustang just happened to have the ratio I wanted: 3.727. Moser axles which are about twice as heavy as they need to be.
A dynamometer test measured 43hp (and didn't record RPM).
Mods - Exterior
It's been repainted once.
Mods - Interior
I had the seats reupholstered... I think it was 2005.
Background & Plans
This is a *late* 1980 model, so it has different headlights from the 1979 and '80 models. My parents bought it brand-new in June of 1980, for an MSRP around $6000. It's a "deluxe" model with a 5th gear, and a passenger-side mirror. :)
I discovered autocross in late 1997, and drove the daylights out of this poor car every so often for the next 8 years.
It's now registered as an antique, and has retired to where I just take it on a Sunday drive once in a while.
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