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"Das Boss S Bauen Thread" Profile - S197 Mustangs

Das Boss S Bauen Thread Vehicle Profile - S197 Mustangs

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
Boss 302
Boss 302 #
Mods - Handling
MCS 2 Way dual remote shocks
Hypercoil Springs
Vorshlag Camber Plates
Girodisc 2 piece rotors ( Made mit Merican Steel )
G-Loc Racing Pads, R18s in front and R10s in the rear
Apex EC-7, ET 52 18x11 kick ass rims --- I set in Black ,1 set in Silver
BFG gforce R1Ss
25MM Optimum Performance front spacers
Pretty positive person, but I have negative camber all the way around
Chrome plated valve stem covers
... and a box of lug nuts given to me by Tymeslayer
Mods - Power
Das 302 Motor
Cobrajet Intake Manifold
Cobrajet Throttle body
Ford Racing headers from the factory race build
Oil catch can - factory build
Tranny catch can
Battery switched to the rear
RPM set down to 7700 max
Factory Tremec T6060
Factory rear diff. catch can
Palmer Racing Development tranny brace
Palmer Racing Development driveshaft safety guard
Palmer Racing Development Flowmaster custom exhaust
Satin Black Zipties to keep all those wacky hoses and wires corralled
A bottle of Lifted Spirit Vodka given to me by TMSBoss --- whoops that is for power after the race!
Mods - Exterior
Chicane 23 Carbon Fiber Tiger Hood, with Aero Hood pins
Optic Armor windshield
Optic Armor rear window
Palmer Racing Development side windows - weight 1/2 pound each
Palmer Racing Development faux headlight covers
Chicane 23 wing endplates
F.A.R.T. Ford Alfalfa Racing Team Decals
Mods - Interior
Ford Factory RaceCar Rollbar
Aim system
Aim SmartyCam HD 2..1
Coolshirt system
Recaro FIA racing seat
Gas gauge that kinda works with Ford's wacky saddle back fuel tank
Background & Plans
Have been running the car primarily in NASA Races and a few Time Trials, plus have run one event in SCCA. The plan was to get the weight down to ST2 specs in NASA , though that will leave it 300 lbs heavy in the Class it is required to run in SCCA (making it non competitive). Have run one Autocross for fun in C Prepared and actually ran a solid second. Looking forward to repeating my NASA Central Championship in ST2 and traveling to some other Regions also --- Virus go away!! Want some practice under my belt before the Mustang Roundup in October 2021. Boss 302S #018 of 50 in 2013. Und ja, Das Boss S Bauen Thread simply translates to :

The Boss S Build Thread

TMO Supporting Vendors

Vehicle information

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Bill Pemberton
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