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1993 Mustang Profile

1993 Mustang
HPDE/Track -  (Gut-Check)


General Information

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Fox Body Model
Mods - Handling

-- FRONT SETUP : Griggs Racing (picked up used)
* C/Arm Set, Severe Duty
* K-member
* koni d/a strut
* coil overs sprint 2.5x8x425#
* caster/camber plates
* control arm adjustable length

-- REAR SETUP : Griggs Racing
* coil over kit medium valved shocks
* springs 2.5x10x225#
* Torque Arm - Severe Duty w/weld-in cross member to fit flat style subframe connectors
* TA 8.8 stud kit and TA modified for Watts
* Watts Link
* 31 spline 5 on 4.5 lug axles for baer rear brakes, 2.775 Center bore, 5.9 O.D flage 1.75" Lincoln for 79-93 Mustang

* 96gt+ used complete front setup (spindles, rotors, calipers)

-- WHEELS : Roush 18x9 +28mm offset(?)
-- TIRES : Falken Azenis RT-615 275/35-18
Mods - Power
None - stock 175,000 miles (currently getting rebuilt)
Mods - Exterior
Mods - Interior
gutted, agent47 racing installed roll cage
Background & Plans
1) 1987 : got a new GT (2 tone white/grey) racked up 179k miles.
2) 1995 : dumped the 87 GT for a used 93 black GT that had 18k miles on it. Racked up 125k miles on it.
3) 2000ish : picked up a 93 cobra with 11k miles on it and daily drove it to 175k miles - motor is currently getting rebuilt

Current plans - rebuilt motor, continue daily driver/track toy duties.
Blue sky plans -
* bigger brakes
* wider tires
* SLA front
* more power
Not shooting for ultimate track car, nor do I have concerns regarding resale value of my "rare" cobra. It's my car and I plan on keeping it that way. Looking to just get more seat time. When my skills start pushing the car beyond it's capabilities I might look at my blue sky plans. I'm not even close to that point yet. Back in 2006/07 (can't remember) I got lucky and was able to have Ernesto Rocco (2006 AIX champ) as my instructor at a NASA HPDE event at Willow Springs once. I let him take the wheel during one session with me in the passenger seat and that was an eye opener. I'm no where near the maximum capabilities of my car. The current Griggs stuff I have is night and day from what my car felt like in stock configuration. I'm pretty happy with it as is. Only things I can think of would be to switch to SLA, go bigger brakes, bigger tires, and of course more power.

p.s. I'm not a full on Ford fan boy - just happen to like the fox body mustang styling and the v8.
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