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2018 Mustang GT Profile
Road Race 

2018 Mustang
GT Road Race -  (Kern.S550)


Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mods - Handling
OE Strut Tower Brace with Cowl extension reinforcement upgrade, Staggered 265/35/R19 Front & 285/35/R19 Rear Pireli Trofeo R Semislicks
Mods - Power
Not really is about power, is about brakes and I have mine seted up with Hawk DTC 60 Front and Rear & Motul RBF660
Mods - Exterior
OE Performance Pack Level 1 Wheels "upgrade"
Mods - Interior
Background & Plans
Since I first saw a Mustang (around 1994 with just ~5 years) Always wanted a Mustang

So when I got to the point of being single with 28 years old I bought it brand new. Unfortunately in Mexico, Ford does not allow you to change specs, there are only 5 trims and you have to stick with whatever spec you have selected, in my case, the Manual was a no brainer and the only 2 options were GT Premium or GT350 (which was out of my budget).
I really wanted the Brembos, Splitter and Magnetic Suspension from PP1L (did not exist PP2L at that time).

So my car came with regular 4 pots Brakes made by Advics, w/Carbon Fiber Sport Interior Package and Active Exhaust. In the bad spectrum, it came with Regular floaty Suspension, no-additional suspension bracing and skinny tires with aweful 5 spokes "Premium" chrome like finish wheels (that nobody likes at least here in Mexico).

Future plans/parts in order of how am I going to get them (I am open to any suggestion but I am a big fan of getting most for my money guy)

I am between these 3 options.
KW V3 / Ohlins R&T / Ridetech Kit Level 2 HQ Series.
Am about to pull the trigger with Ridetech's, they are a little bit cheaper than V3s, a lot cheaper than Ohlins, and I had Fox suspension in my old mountain bike (silly comparison, same engineering principle) and these guys know how to make a proper high end suspension which is included + HyperCo springs that could be orderd with custom rates and this ridetech are the only option of these 3 that uses true rear coilover setup which really attracts me.
Sway bars from Whiteline with adjustable endlinks (the only option, I think, that includes adjustable endlinks at the similar price)
Later on maybe suspensions arms, links, bushings and more bracings maybe? time will tell

Fuel Starve on a road course in left hand turns. Don't know what to do to fix?

Mishimoto Performance Radiator 3-Row Aluminum is a most have as my GT gets hot in less than 10 laps
Perhaps the addition of Mishimoto Coolant Expansion Tank Aluminum Polished and Racing Thermostat (not really sure if is needed at this point)

Really regret the PP1 Wheels that I got. Which are heavy, not wide enough, and now I am bored about the looks and really hate to clean them. Wanna try something different and go beyond with a 20 inch Rotary forged wheels with 285 or 295/30 Front 305 or 315/30 rear setup. I know Track setups are usually wider with smaller 18's. But as I am not really going to compete with anybody but my times, I don't really care, and love how the HRE FF04 looks in these already stunning cars and will get a ton of space if I really want to upgrade rotors and calipers, and they save a decent amount of weight per corner compared to PP1s and other 19's that I've been comparing to, in addition of having a small tire wall will benefit lateral stiffness when cornering and more rubber always helps with braking. So am sold with this idea. Let's see what happens

I was saving money for the GT350R Brembo brakes upgrade, but after giving a try to my current Advics 4 pots setup with DTC60 front/back pads and proper brake fluid I have not had more heating issues at Miguel E Abed Circuit (not hard on brakes track as Formula 1 Hermanos Rodriguez circuit is). Maybe a custom Brake cooling duct
Having said that, I am planning on buying rotors and G-stop Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit from Goodridge ...
Options for rotors are Steeda's 352x32mm Front & 330x25mm Rear or Baer Front/Rear EradiSpeed-Plus 2-Piece 14"/13" for Base GT

Barton Industries Short Throw Shifter Hybrid 3 is a most have as sometimes 3rd is a pain to get in
Differential Cooler Kit made by Full Tilt Boogie?
3.55 Gearing at this point is working well at my two local tracks, so no plans there

I am an Aeronautical Engineer, so this is a personal hard core topic. I am planning of making reverse engineering and start playing around with Brakes ducts (mentioned before), Splitters, Canards, Interchangeable rear spoiler/wing, belly parts and so on...

I have "Premium" Cooled and heated seats that I barely use. Once again in Mexico Ford does not give us the optional Recaros...
So maybe I swap a GT/GT350 Recaros, or something similar like OMP, Sparco or one of those FIA friendly seats, I don't care that much which brand just want the bolstering and safety gains
Am really into the GT350/GT350R Steering wheel or cheap way, is to re-wrapping current GT with center line on top.
Maybe Alcantara Shift and Handbrake boot to match door panels

At the end Power
I am not really thinking in doing much, my intention is to allocate points mentioned above and if in some time in future i get to the point is really necessary will reconsider power upgrades.
I would start with a Roush Cold intake + Tune + Stainless Exhaust (more focus on weight really I love my OE Active setup).
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