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2022 Mustang Mach1 Profile
Road Race 

2022 Mustang
Mach1 Road Race -  (Kern.S550)


Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mach 1
Mods - Handling
Lighter wheels vs stock
HRE FF04 285/30R20 Front
HRE FF04 305/30R20 Rear
Mods - Power
22MY Comes with carb trap in the air filter pipe, if taken away 10 hps more lol
Mods - Exterior
Ford Performance adjustable wing with Gurney Flap
Ford Performance Hood Struts
Diode Dynamics Led Reverse light
Mods - Interior
Diode Dynamics Led interior kit
Background & Plans
Had the honor to buy my first Mustang Gt on 2018 brand new and after learning a lot being an engineer and applying the knowledge to my car took to a place that I didn't plan to do

Had several upgrades in mind for my GT, but with crazy markets for used cars during pandemic, my GT actually appreciated a lot and could get a profit after 4 years of using it

Dealer bought to me and sell me a Mach 1, with a bunch of my old mods included from the plant i.e. the tremec with shorter throws, the Recaros, better bushings and the Torsen were things planned for my GT wishlist, and now with the big surprise that ford actually consider the trackday use for this cars and build it as I would have. Was a no Brainer for me, and now am enjoying a lot my new tracktoy
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