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2013 Mustang Boss_302 Profile

2013 Mustang
Boss_302  (Laguna Seca (302SX))

Laguna Seca (302SX)

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
Boss 302
Boss 302 #
Mods - Handling
Steeda - Boss Mustang Lowering Spring (555-8245)
FRPP - 302S Hubs w ARP studs (M-1104-A)
FRPP - 302R Lower Control Arm (M-5649-R1)
FRPP - 302S LCA Bracket (M-5650-A)
FRPP - 302R Adjustable Pan Hard Bar (M-4264-A)
FRPP - 302S/R 4” Brake Duct Upgrade (CM-2004-MR)
FRPP - GT500 Rear Brake Swap (M-2300-T)
SpecFab - 4” Brake Backing Plate
Reybestos - GT500 Street Performance Rotors (F/R)
OP Mustang - Open Racing Lugs
OP Mustang - 25mm Spacer x 2 (Front)
FRPP - 302S/LS OEM Wheels (DR3Z-1007-B)
Apex Wheels - SM10 19x11 (F/R)
Michelin - 305/30 R19 Pilot 4S x4
Maximum Motorsports - Caster/Camber Plate

Boss 302SX Awaiting Install: '14 Custom GT500 Aluminum Calipers, Stainless Pistons, GLoc Pads w OPM Titanium Backing Plates, Goodridge Stainless Lines, and 2-Piece Girodisc Rotors F/R
Mods - Power
Steeda - Boss Mustang CAI (555-3162)
MRT - MRT H-Pipe 3" Sport Touring After-Cat Boss 302 (93P902)
QTP - Side Pipe Valves (QTEC302)
FRPP - GT500 Quad Exhaust (M-5230-MSVTLB)
Peterson - Sealed Breather/Catch Can
FRPP - 302S Braided Engine Fuel/Coolant Lines
FRPP - 302S Grill (Modded OEM with Mesh Intakes)
FRPP - 302S Oil Cooler (Setrab 915, Canton Sandwich Plate, XRP -10AN Lines)
Watson Racing - 302S Radiator w Oil Cooler Enclosure
MGW - 302 RaceSpec Short Throw Shifter
CoolTech - Soundpipe Delete

Boss 302SX Awaiting Install: 302S/R 12qt Oil Pan (M-6675-M50RR), 302S/R Radiator (M-8005-MGT), CJ Pulse Ring (M-12A227-CJ13), Boundary Billet Oil Pump Gear Set, and Boundary Billet Crankshaft Timing Sprocket.
Boss 302SX: Using the FRPP M-12655-B tuner w FRPP supplied Boss 302S tune, I can alternate between 91 Octane and 260 GTX Race Tunes
Mods - Exterior
FRPP - Hood Struts (M-16826-M)
FRPP - 302S F/R Bumper Beams w Tow Loops (Watson Racing)
Stainless Steel Fasteners/Hardware
SVE - Shorty Antenna
BOYO - Rear Vision Camera
Diode Dynamics - LED License Plate
Diode Dynamics - LED Side Marker Lamps

Boss 302SX: Replace OEM Boss 302LS Wing with Steeda Boss 302R wing (307-VER-10)
Mods - Interior
Ford - ‘14 GT500 OEM Shaker Navigation System
Ford - '14 GT500 OEM Dual Zone Climate Control
Ford - 2018 Navigation Map Update
Ford - 2010 Mustang GT Traction Control Button (CR3T-13D734 *Only TC button year to display Mustang v Generic)
Ford Show Parts - Custom 302 LS Sill Plate (Approved by Laguna Seca Raceway)
Ford - Homelink Sunvisor (DR3Z-6304105-DB)
FRPP - GT500 Alcantara Shift/Park Boots (BR3Z-7277-B & DR3Z-2404-B )
MGW - Boss 302 Shift Ball
PJ - Parnelli Jones Signed Boss 302 Dash Panel
MATCH & BLAM - MATCH UP7DSP Amp w Relax 570/690 x 4 Speakers, RELAX RA501D Amp w MATCH PP7S-D Sub
LockPick - Ford Sync LockPick Pro
Diode Dynamics - LED Map Lights
Diode Dynamics - LED Trunk Light
06Mach1 - Harness Belt Mounts

Boss 302SX Awaiting Install: Custom Watson Racing 4-Point Cage
Boss 302SX: Replace all dash panels using '13 Mustang CS panels using the Watson Racing Closeout Kit. Uses Hella (HLA-002843011) Battery Cutoff Switch, Extended OBDII Cable, FRPP/Sparco Racing Wheel with NRG Quick Release, WR AIM Bracket w MXG 1.3 Strada, and HVAC/NAV replaced with Watson Racing Center Stack utilizing Carling Technologies switches, and FRPP Starter (AM5T-11572-AA). All OEM Boss 302S pieces can be added or removed at discretion/need.
Background & Plans
Nearly done...

I’ve always admired the Porsche GT3 RS because it was both an amazing vehicle for the track, utilized many of the GT3 RSR pars, yet was still suitable for the street. Using what amounts to a parts list from the 302R, 302S, and supporting vendors, I am hoping to create what I’m calling a 302SX. A car nearly as capable as the 302S but with the ability to convert into a suitable road car for show and mountain driving.

FRPP did something similar when they tried to increase the performance of the 302S by adding an aluminator. Not really interested in the aluminator swap, but I like the experimental concept. (
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