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2019 Mustang GT350 Profile

2019 Mustang
GT350  (PAE 2019 GT350R road race build)

PAE 2019 GT350R road race build

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mods - Handling
Front Suspension: PAE weld in k member and SLA, all Docol R8 tubing, JRI coil overs, approx. 65# weight savings
Rear Suspension: PAE rear cradle, raises suspension 2" up into chassis to allow proper half shaft angles when lowered. PAE coil over lower control arms, JRI coil overs, BMR toe links, PAE vertical links and camber rods. all Docol R8. Approx. 65# weight savings.
Sway bars: Speedway Engineering splined bars
Chassis: extensive weight reduction, Docol R8 cage, Engine moved back and lowered.
Front Brakes: Brembo XB105 endurance package with 380mm x 34mm rotors. Hawk HB221Q1.10 race pad
Rear Brakes: Brembo/PAE, XA2E5 calipers, 328mm x 28mm rotors, Hawk HB105Q.775 race pad
Tilton pedal assm, Bosch M5 Club Sport ABS
Wheels: Forgeline GS1R's, 18x12 front, 18 x 13 rear
Tires: Hoosier 310/680 S75 front, 325/710 S75 rear
Steering: FP350 EPAS steering rack, M-3504-FP350S, Sweet collapsible steering column
Mods - Power
Engine: PAE built 5.2, replaced flat plane crankshaft with cross plane, Manley connecting rods, ARP fasteners, Ford M-6550-M52 camshafts, 5.2 cylinder heads ported by Frankenstein Engine Dynamics, PAC valve springs, Cobra Jet intake and throttle body.
Dailey dry sump system,
Modified Kook's headers, custom exhaust with Borla race muffler
ATL 22 gallon fuel cell
Complete Motec electronic system
Transmission: Quaife QBE69G 6 speed pneumatic paddle shift
Clutch: Tilton 5.5" carbon 3 disc
Mods - Exterior
Doors and deck lid: PAE autoclave carbon
Hood: Anderson Composites GT350 dry carbon
Windshield, rear window: Optic Armor
Aero:, AJ Hartman front splitter with tunnels
Aero: Good Aero real wing
Target Weight: 2900#, race ready less driver and fuel
Mods - Interior
Roll cage: PAE Docol R8
Seat: Momo Daytona, moved back to rear bulkhead
Pedals: moved back into interior
Background & Plans
This is a customer build, starting with a 900 mile GT350R. We gave options of starting with a body in white, salvage car, 6 cylinder car but he wanted to build his car.
It will be raced in NASA's Super Unlimited class. First season will be NA, then a PAE/Tial turbo system will be added.
  • 2019 GT350 R 2.jpg
    2019 GT350 R 2.jpg
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  • 2019 GT350R 3 rear suspension.jpg
    2019 GT350R 3 rear suspension.jpg
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  • 2019 GT350R 4 front k-member.jpg
    2019 GT350R 4 front k-member.jpg
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  • 2019 gt350R 5.jpg
    2019 gt350R 5.jpg
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  • 2019 gt350R 6 cage.jpg
    2019 gt350R 6 cage.jpg
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  • 2019 GT350R 7 front suspension.jpg
    2019 GT350R 7 front suspension.jpg
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  • 2019 GT350R 8 brake duct.jpg
    2019 GT350R 8 brake duct.jpg
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  • 2019 GT350R 9 front brakes.jpg
    2019 GT350R 9 front brakes.jpg
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  • 2019 GT350R 10 rear brakes.jpg
    2019 GT350R 10 rear brakes.jpg
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  • 2019 GT350R 13 rear forgeline.jpg
    2019 GT350R 13 rear forgeline.jpg
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