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S550 PAE 2019 GT350R road race build Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

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We're down to the final steps on this GT350R road race build and far exceeded our sub 2900# (less driver and fuel) goal.
Here are final scale #'s.
Race ready less driver and fuel, 2739#.
Full Docol R8 cage,
18x12 and 18x13 GA1R's, Brembo endurance wide annulus rotors,
Hawk Performance
brake pads,
Cometic Gasket, Inc.
Brisk USA Spark Plugs
Manley Performance Products, Inc.
Spa Technique
10# fire system, ATL 22 gallon fuel cell (empty), full
AJ Hartman Aero
splitter and diffuser,
wing), harness and window net,
Quaife Engineering
QBE69G transmission,
Tilton Engineering
carbon clutch and diff pump, transmission and diff cooler.
Added 190# driver weight, and 25 and 50# for fuel weight.
PAE built 5.2 crossplane engine (NA for now)
Frankenstein Engine Dynamics LLC
ported heads, stock sheetmetal except for PAE carbon doors and deck lid,
Anderson Composites
hood, PAE Docal R8 SLA front suspension, PAE Docol R8 rear cradle, control arms Ultimate Performance shocks, etc.

frederick on scales.jpg

Stu scales 1.jpg

frederick scqales 25# fuel.jpg

Frederick 50 # fuel.jpg
Unreal can’t wait to see more, pics of everything you’ve custom built for the car please if you can find the time!

Weight is astonishing, 900-1000lbs reduction if I read correctly, even net of the cage.

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Scoots and I were both shell shocked by the low weight and then I noticed a lot of Anderson Composite stuff ---- great product, great move and great help in reducing the carfatt!! I can not imagine how mean this beast will be, but then since you guys nailed the VIR Ultimate Car Track Record this year, it won't be a surprise. Looking forward to the finished Ford Lightweight !! Did I mention excellent color choice ,ha!?
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Paul's Automotive Engineering
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This build is insane. Want to know more ... :X Especially details on the weight reduction. That Diet is extreme. Any Carbon Roof :?
No carbon roof. We felt like it would maybe only save a pound or two. We cut out about 65# out of the roof structure that wasn't necessary (since we were already doing a roll cage). We have our own custom molds on autoclave doors and decklid. Our doors compared to the stock metal ones (everything electronics gutted and no extra plastics) was 35# lighter. The hinges and door latch weigh more than the door itself (doors weight 6#). Our decklid only weighs 4# and just lays on.

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