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2014 Mustang GT_50L Profile

2014 Mustang
GT_50L HPDE/Track -  (Project 395 Mustang GT)

Project 395 Mustang GT

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 5.0L
Mods - Handling
AST single adjustable coilovers, Maximum Motorsports K-Member, Cortex watts link, GT500 brakes front and rear, SVE 19x10 with 285/35x19, Forgeline 19x10.5 with 305/30x19
Mods - Power
Fluidyne Radiator, GT500 Electric Fan, Gen2 Water Pump Kit, Moroso Pan, MMR Billet Geared Oil Pump
Mods - Exterior
LS Spliter, GT500 Rear Valance, Trackspec Hood vents
Mods - Interior
MGW shifter, Corbeau Seat, 5-Point Harness
Background & Plans
More driving, auto-x, and track days
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  • CAM#82-14.jpg
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  • Jan-02-2021-SCCA SD (Sat)-Intermediate Group-Turn 9 (1255pm)-CVR_5044_Jan0221_100PM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    Jan-02-2021-SCCA SD (Sat)-Intermediate Group-Turn 9 (1255pm)-CVR_5044_Jan0221_100PM_CaliPhoto.jpg
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  • Jan-02-2021-SCCA SD (Sat)-Intermediate Group-Bowl (1125am)-CVR_3428_Jan0221_1130AM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    Jan-02-2021-SCCA SD (Sat)-Intermediate Group-Bowl (1125am)-CVR_3428_Jan0221_1130AM_CaliPhoto.jpg
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