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2008 Mustang GT_46L Profile

2008 Mustang
GT_46L HPDE/Track -  (Sangria)


Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 4.6L
Mods - Handling
08 GT500 Front Calipers and Wheels. Steeda competition sway bars and springs, Koni adjustable dampers, Ford performance lower control arms, Steeda heavy duty upper strut mounts. Torsen T2R differential with 3:73 gears.
Mods - Power
Brenspeed Detroit rocker cams and tune, Ford racing intake and throttle body, CAI, long tube headers, under drive pulleys, catted Xpipe, Bullitt mufflers.
Mods - Exterior
Standard wing, scoop, and skirts CDC lip. Tint.
Mods - Interior
Background & Plans
Lets start with what I know, PO purchased the car with 7k on it lowered, tinted, chiney wheels and 3:73 gears.

We'll call him Chuck (because that's his name) added BBK long tube headers, catted X pipe, and Dynomax 3" mid pipe and straight through mufflers, it's real loud in a good way.

After a few years of loud, slow and low, Chuck added more power. First Brenspeed grind Detroit rocker cams, then FRPP intake, under-drive pulleys a fresh tune and hotter coils. This stuff was has 2-5k miles on it. Dyno says 330hp at the wheels. This matches what Brenspeed usually gets with this combo. I bought it with 28k miles on it and upgraded the suspension and wheels.
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