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2021 Mustang GT500 Profile

2021 Mustang
GT500 HPDE/Track -  (Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick)

Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mods - Handling
Factory Camber plates set to -2.7/1.8 FR/R
Kelltrac Posi-Locs
Cortex rear vertical links
Carbotech XP12 F/R
Vorschlag brake cooling deflectors
G-Force Racing Outlaw Axles
Kenny Brown Jacking Rails
Toyo R888R 315/325
Mods - Power
Palm Beach Dyno X900 S3 (969 WHP on E85)
Tremec DCT fluid Overfill
Mods - Exterior
OEM Painted Stripes.
Mods - Interior
Alcantara A and C pillar wraps (came in my 2017 GT)
Carbon fiber dash ends (came in my 17)
Rear seat, LATCH and seat belt kit for the kids and car seats.
Schroth QuickFit (for track)
Garmin Catalyst
Background & Plans
Every trackday I’ve had multiple people want to come talk to me about the amazing sound this car makes on track. Twister Orange and all the aero also is not subtle. Hence the build name. 🙂

In the GT500 CFTP I saw a car I could turn into a 4 seat, 9 second quarter mile, HPDE machine, yet still be easier to drive on road-trips to cars and coffee and in traffic than my GT350R was.

I’ve been careful to try and maintain stock like drivability with every part choice on this car, maintaining the total engineered package Ford delivered, but enhancing it. One of the hardest decisions was not going to a smaller supercharger pulley just to put up a “bragging rights” HP number.

2 annoying problems with the car on the street are the comically bad range a 16gal fuel tank provides, and that thief magnet, $10,000 wing that can be stolen with the removal of 4 nuts.

On track, I wish Ford would’ve given a bit more adjustability with the track modes, which I could solve with the new MoTeC plug and play but currently not sure I’m going to invest in it.

The biggest challenge for a car with this performance is track safety. The car is absurdly fast and capable. When all I had for power mods was a CAI and injectors and OTS PBD E85 tune, it was hitting 180MPH at Daytona. On the long drive home I was talking to myself and realized this is getting up to NASCAR speeds. I decided it was time to get serious about safety and build a fully caged car. That’s another build thread though.

I am basically done with this one. I gotta go back to the strip and get a 9 second time slip, do the occasional trackday and enjoy the occasional cars and coffee with friends or Saturday night ice creams with the fam. And continue to resist the urge to put more safety gear in and go get a 200MPH airstrip attack slip or whatever 😁

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