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TNIA at PBIR road course. Stock but an alignment. Prior to this I did the FP racing school 1 day at Miller Motorsports park ~6yrs prior and HPDE 1 event at Homestead in my GT350R a couple years before. I signed up for novice per their recommendation and promptly scared the hell out of the civilians and pissed of the SCCA with my pace (and the GT500’s crazy noise) in the first session. “Listen, I’d put you in advanced if I could, but if something went wrong I’d get in trouble, so go out in intermediate and please don’t crash”. 😂


After PBIR, I found myself at Palm Beach Dyno ordering the X900S3 kit. This was the plan before I bought it, I wasn’t trying to “improve” my road course times of course. I was told I was going to be waiting for a while, so I asked if I could take the ID1050 injectors, the CAI and a off the shelf tune for E85 to install myself while I waited. Also didn’t love the brake pedal at PBIR so flushed it for SRF. (Wet boiling point here matters a lot!)




Next event was TNIA at Sebring. By this time I realized how fast this car was and I wanted to do what I could for safety. I added Schroth Quick Fit, which helped immensely. I also got a HANS Hybrid, fire suit, and accessories and proper Stilo helmet to replace my motorcycle helmet. I LOVED these changes. Held in place in the seat and all the controls felt better.
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I know they don’t have the best reputation, but I decided to try the R888R as they come in 315,325/30/20 combo (unusual size), are well respected as a street tire on 4 digit hp cars and did seem to have a good reputation for temp stability. I was shocked by the noise they made new but was ready for Daytona!
Pics showing how little they bulge, and can confirm they don’t rub.



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Daytona was…shocking. You need to drive here. The car was so smooth and stable at 180MPH it was mind boggling.

This is a track you really want to run with a fast group. People sign up for Advanced that have no business being in it at the TNIA events and are too intimidated by the surroundings to give point bys. Hard to get a flow going in a fast car like that.

A local gent had a Shelby SE version of my car. Sure wish I could get that hood, gorgeous piece. Interestingly, we felt like my injector/CAI/E85 combo made about the same HP as his Signature Edition on 93 (which are 2.8” pullied and tuned).

R888Rs we’re fine, but Daytona is a weird place for tires.



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Caliperflexion studs (I’d never installed on my GT350) and Carbotech XP12s after Daytona took the stock pads to a skinny place. Followed the Pagid bedding procedure for the XP12’s on the street. As I learned at about 20MPH too fast at turn in for Sebring T7, and feeling very grateful for paved off track options in T7, you need to follow the instruction on the tin for these and spend a session breaking in on track. 😂

I loved the R888Rs here. I could run hard for 20min sessions on a 95deg Florida summer day in this beast and not overheat them. I don’t think they have much more corner grip, but they are much more consistent than PSC2s for me.



Time for the PBD build.

Ported blower, billet lid, bigger heat exchangers, throttle body Kooks catted exhaust (I want to go back and add flex couplers…c’mon Kooks) axles, 2.8” clutched pulley. Felt weird to pay someone to spin the wrenches for me but I do trust their work. The dyno was on E85 on a crazy hot and humid Florida day. No gimmick 969WHP.

It drives amazing, like stock, until you hit it. Then WOW. It is remarkable how well the chassis handles it, and the R888Rs do better than you’d guess at street temps/pressures.

it’s really incredible a Mustang chassis can handle this so well.

Given the extra power, I am going to stay with the XP12 pads on the street in spite of the noise and dust. Very reassuring to have that much bite with this much loud pedal.

2 things worth noting- the fill level Tremec suggests for the DCT is to maximize fuel mileage. Tremec suggest an overfill for high HP track use, which PBD optionally did during the build. This is in the manual for Corvettes but I don’t see many Mustang folks talking about it, so worth pointing out.

Also, I didn’t know folks were using 5ml/gal Marvel Mystery Oil with E85 as a top end lube until I read in the fabman build thread and another thread I found with Shaun from AED. I do this now too.





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Last mods have been installing the Vorschlag brake deflectors (with some fancy ti bolts from my motorcycle days!), and some interior bits I’ve been pulling out of my other car as I get it ready to cage.

I had to grit my teeth go do the back seat as the stuff is pretty heavy. I got the back seat in using a combination of parts from my GT350R rear seat kit I kept and a stock GT seat I ebayed cheap. I need to get recaro GT5 matching rear skins for these.





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