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2018 Mustang GT Profile
Road Race 

2018 Mustang
GT Road Race -  (The Albuquerque Stripper)

The Albuquerque Stripper

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mods - Handling
MCS 2-way adjustable coilovers w/ Hyperco 800# front 1100# rear springs
Vorshlag Caster/Camber plates
Ford Racing Performance Front and Rear Swaybars
Whiteline Swaybar End links
SPL Front Lower Control Arms and Front Tension Rods
Apex EC-7 18x11, 315/30-18 squared
Brembo Performance Pack 6-piston brakes, booster, and master cylinder
AP Racing 2-piece rotors
Hawk DTC-60 Brake Pads
Mods - Power
2M Fabrication 1 7/8" Longtubes
MBRP Off-Road Pro Race Catback
Lund e85 race tune
Mods - Exterior
APR GT-250 Rear Wing
Race Louvers RX EXTREME Center
Race Louvers Recessed Hood
Race Louvers Lower Rear Fender
Patco Splitter (with plenty of help from Ale and Tom)
Mods - Interior
Shitty Driver
Autopower 8 point custom cage, harness, window net
ASL Race Capture Pro on an Amazon Fire Tablet
GoPro Hero 7's + 8's
Sparco Evo II
Background & Plans
Found this theft recovery that didn't drive, didn't run in Albuquerque's Copart right as Covid-19 started sending everybody home. Figured what better way to show everybody how little I know about cars while keeping busy and sane.

Get it running (check!)
Get it on the track (check!)
Get it racing - TT (check!)
Get it to win an TT event (check!)
Get it on fire (check!)
Get it to win a season championship (check!)
Get it racing - ST (2022?)
Get it to win an ST event (2022?)
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  • Jun-13-2020-Nasa (Sat)-HPDE 3 and 4-Grapevine 1130am-BW3_1825_1140_Jun1320_CaliPhoto.jpg
    Jun-13-2020-Nasa (Sat)-HPDE 3 and 4-Grapevine 1130am-BW3_1825_1140_Jun1320_CaliPhoto.jpg
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  • Mar-21-2021-Nasa (Sun)-Time Trial-Session 1 (Turn 2)-AC5_4380_Mar2121_941AM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    Mar-21-2021-Nasa (Sun)-Time Trial-Session 1 (Turn 2)-AC5_4380_Mar2121_941AM_CaliPhoto.jpg
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  • Nov-14-2021-Nasa (Sun)-Time Trial-Session 2-Turn 17 Exit-CVR_4489_Nov1421_1100AM_CaliPhoto (1).jpg
    Nov-14-2021-Nasa (Sun)-Time Trial-Session 2-Turn 17 Exit-CVR_4489_Nov1421_1100AM_CaliPhoto (1).jpg
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