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2012 Mustang Boss_302 Profile

2012 Mustang
Boss_302 HPDE/Track -  (Track and Touge Boss)

Track and Touge Boss

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
Boss 302
Boss 302 #
Mods - Handling
Koni Yellows, Steeda Boss Springs, Vorschlag CC plates, 2 sets of Apex EC7 (18x10 (x4) with 275/40 RS4, 18x11 (4) with 295/35 A052), GLoc R12/R8, SpecFab Brake Cooling Ducts, Boss 302R Trailing arms & relo brackets, ARP studs and 25mm spacers for the 18x11s
Future: S550 PP 6 Pistons, adjustable PHB
Mods - Power
TracKey (Red Key), Blowfish Bracket, Flowmaster American Thunder (barely louder than stock)
Future: new clutch and built MT-82 with MGW shifter
Mods - Exterior
Future: Race Louvers Hood Vents/Extractors, maybe a wing eventually
Mods - Interior
Future: harness and bar, maybe a race seat but I love the stock Recaros!
Background & Plans
Bought the Boss in 2016 with 6,000 miles in Oklahoma and drove her home to PA. She has never been a daily driver but I still put on over 25,000 miles in the first 2 years just driving twisties with the occasional road trip and trip to the track! After my first track day in 2017 I was hooked, and moving to CA allowed me access to some of the best driving roads and tracks in the country. I have now driven over 40,000 miles and done 17 track days in 4 years with the Boss, slowly modifying her as necessary for the track and my improving skills.
I am planning to keep her forever, trying to keep her as close to stock as possible while still being reliable, streetable, and relatively competitive on the track. Definitely keeping the engine stock as long as possible, but I will need a new clutch and transmission soon, I can't believe they have lasted this long.
Eventually I will probably get a lighter, dedicated track car at which point the Boss will go back to mostly racking up miles in the mountains and on sunset cruises.
  • Yellow Group-Session 2 (Sunrise)-BW1_3478_Jul0619_CaliPhoto.jpg
    Yellow Group-Session 2 (Sunrise)-BW1_3478_Jul0619_CaliPhoto.jpg
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  • 1-RED-GREEN-Turn 11 Quarter Pan GREEN (Session 2)-WS2_0692_May1219_CaliPhoto.jpg
    1-RED-GREEN-Turn 11 Quarter Pan GREEN (Session 2)-WS2_0692_May1219_CaliPhoto.jpg
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