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performance pack 2

  1. Performance package level 2 for sale

    Anyone interested in a 2019 mustang gt performance package level 2 fully loaded with every option ford has to offer. With only 935 miles on it?
  2. Bill Pemberton

    Mgmt. followed TMO Suggestions on PP2 Orders!!!

    Seriously wanted to thank those that posted here , along with the 5 personal emails I received, because I used them to explain to the Managers at our three stores why the real buyer for this type of Mustang is not interested in a bunch of non essential options. So , with your comments/advice...
  3. Bill Pemberton

    New 2018 Performance Pack 2 --- 8,000 off, huh?!

    Crazy situation where the car was sold and then never picked up and was literally forgotten. Has some bonus things done like tinted windows and some clear bra. With only 1500 of these made this one slipped through the cracks , as all the other ones we had sold quickly at MSRP. $45,975 , sale at...
  4. Looking For Opinions For My Next Mustang

    Hello everyone! Been lurking for a while and decided to join up finally. I'm looking to possibly get into a new Mustang in the next few months and wanted to get your opinions on which route would be a good way to go for both enjoyment and my wallet.I've currently got a '14 GT with 33,400...
  5. Bill Pemberton

    Four PP2s at Woodhouse - now only one left!!

    I did let you all know about these beasts before they hit, and we have sold them super quickly. We do have one left ( Silver ) and these were not loaded up so they are not in the 50s like most places -- try 45-46K. Call my cell if I can let you know about the last one , or about one of our three...