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    So here goes nothing. This will be the thread I use to explain the cost, problems, headaches, blood, pain, and sweat of swapping a Gen 3 Coyote into a 2007 Shelby GT.How did we get here:I currently own a 2007 Shelby GT and I have multiple gripes with it. For starters, the power is...
  2. v8 snake

    Gt350 charging problem… need help

    Hello! I have a 2018 gt350 with 20k mi So I got a charging system service now error, battery won’t charge, so I replaced it. Then the voltage won’t go above 14 v and drop to 13 when throttle hard. So I replaced alternator After reset bms, voltage is constant between 13.9 and 14.1 but I still got...
  3. MadMaxMcKinney

    Let me see your GT350 305/35 square setups (on stock rims)

    Curious to hear about how this works out, I’m thinking of going with a 305/35/19 square setup on the stock GT350 staggered rims. Ideally I’d love to see how the sidewall “poke” of the NT555 G2 would look like.I know there are more options at 305/30 but I don’t want to lower the car since I...
  4. MadMaxMcKinney

    305/35's square on stock GT350 wheels, does the front clear?

    Hey everyone!Just picked up my (new to me) 2016 GT350!! Took a look at my current tires on it and I've got PS4s on the front with about 8/32 tread and some Cup 2s with about 5.5/32 tread. I'm starting to look right now for what I can replace my Cup 2's with and realized it's actually kinda...
  5. 2016 GT350 Track Pack For Sale by Original Owner - 3,945 miles

    Oxford White w/ Blue over the top stripes. Options - Track Pack, 36,000 mile Ford extended warranty through 1-30-2022 The Track Package has Recaro Seats, MagneRide adjustable shocks, and heavy-duty front springs as well as coolers for the engine oil, transmission, and differential; a...
  6. Coz

    2020 GT500 Red Hot Metallic at Philly

    Philly Auto Show 2/7/2019
  7. Looking For Opinions For My Next Mustang

    Hello everyone! Been lurking for a while and decided to join up finally. I'm looking to possibly get into a new Mustang in the next few months and wanted to get your opinions on which route would be a good way to go for both enjoyment and my wallet.I've currently got a '14 GT with 33,400...
  8. Ford FP350S Mustang by Ford Performance For Sale

    Fred Beans Ford of Doylestown is offering a brand-new Ford Mustang FP350S By Ford Performance for sale#14 out of 50 producedDeveloped to compete in SCCA & Trans Am Racing Class· 5.2L 4 valve/cylinder V8· 8250 RPM Redline· Tremec 3160 Transmission· 3.73...
  9. Chriss_302

    FS: 2011 Shelby GT500 SVTPP-700+hp

    Up for sale is a 2011 Shelby GT500 race red w/ SVTPP Price---$48,000---Edit-$42,000 VIN---1ZVBP8JS1B5122629 Location--Fontana, CA Contact Info--PM Mileage--19,156 Clean title in hand.737 hp/ 690 tq on e85--19 lbs of boost. Car was tuned by Bob Kurgan from Kurgan Motorsports over at GTR HIPO...