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  1. Ilghar

    Need help deciding on tires based on regulations

    Installation of “non-premium” R compound tires, defined as DOT Legal competition tires that have a moulded tread pattern with non-circumferential siping.I have no idea what "moulded tread pattern" and "on-circumferential siping" means or which tires are made this way.Need some...
  2. PatientZero

    A052's 295 vs 315 on 11" wheel

    I'm currently running 295's on 10.5" wheels. This seems to pretty a pretty good combo at least for autocross. I bought a set of 11" wheels so I can move up to a 315. Now I'm wondering if a 295 on the 11" wheel might be the better combo. Part of me thinks getting as much rubber as possible is...
  3. GimpyHSHS

    Questions on Tire Storage

    Hi all, I picked up 4x Yok A052 for AutoCross and 8x Michelin + 8x Pirelli DHF slicks (used) for the track. All of these are for next year. I'm concerned with keeping the Yoks in good shape until March/April when autocross starts up. And scrubs may not get used until June (hoping to make it to...
  4. Ponyboy

    NASA HDPE Event Weekend Warrior Tires and Wheels Setup

    Hey guys - I'd like to have a separate set of wheels and tires for NASA HPDE Events. I drive a 2017 Mustang GT performance package currently (19 in. staggered setup). I don't have any modifications on the wheels or body around the wheels. I'm in group 2 and race probably 3+ times a year. I'm...
  5. MadMaxMcKinney

    305/35's square on stock GT350 wheels, does the front clear?

    Hey everyone!Just picked up my (new to me) 2016 GT350!! Took a look at my current tires on it and I've got PS4s on the front with about 8/32 tread and some Cup 2s with about 5.5/32 tread. I'm starting to look right now for what I can replace my Cup 2's with and realized it's actually kinda...
  6. MichaelTomany

    Lead on shop in Georgia that will heat cycle Hoosier slicks

    I’m looking for a reputable shop in Georgia that will heat cycle slicks. I know tire rack will but I’m not buying from them so I can’t use them. Thanks
  7. That11GtGuy

    Yet another wheel and tire thread. Sorry...

    Okay, so I know there are about a million threads on wheel and tire fitment, and trust me, I've seen most of them. However, none that I have found have given a straight answer on what I would like to know.Here's my dilemma. 2011 Mustang GT with 3.73 gears, and I have 2 options picked out...
  8. Roushdude

    Is there a low cost way to fill tires with nitrogen for HPDE events?

    I know often times you can order new wheel and tire combination with a nitrogen fill, but does anyone know of a cheap way to bring your own nitrogen to the track say in a Longacre air tank or something similar?
  9. KonaBoss

    WTB: Tires for stock boss wheels

    All,Since I recently completed the suspension overhaul on my car, the next order of business is finding some replacement tires for my stock 9 year old Pirelli's (would like to actually be able to enjoy the changes I made...). The plan is to eventually move up to a set of Apex EC-7 19x10 square...
  10. CoyoteCody

    *SOLD* Michelin Slicks (30/68-18 S9M)

    I bought these from a fellow TMO member who's on a race team. They were only used for 1 race so still have a lot of life in them. Reason for selling is because I chickened out of finally moving up to slicks, and because they're wider than I expected. I would prefer local pickup in TX but I am...
  11. Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

    I have a pair of brand new Michelin Pilot Super Sport 325/30zr19 105Y tires that I need to sell. I purchased them for my Gt350 but never installed them before I got rid of the car my loss your gain. $600 OBO plus shipping. Tires are near Los Angeles CA in Moorpark Ca.