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  1. Fox Body Vs SN95/Newedge for track use

    Hello Everyone,I have: -fully forged 4.6 4 valve. (the forged part is just from what I've been told, I have not confirmed this myself) -03-04 IRS With 4.10 gears and everything maximum motorsports -Tremec TR3650, I just rebuilt (Synchros and bearings)(Currently trying to find a T56 too)All...
  2. domesticpower

    07 Saleen S281 SC Super Shaker on Track

    One of my HPDE students brought this car to the track (twice) this summer so I wrote about it. Figured some guys and gals on here might be interested! Anyone else on here had a Saleen on track?2007 Saleen Mustang S281 SC Super Shaker Track Review
  3. RNG SPA

    Track prepared 2016 Mustang GT 6M, PP, Cloth Recaros, Ford Racing PP 3, Borla exhaust, etc.

    This 2016 Mustang GT runs great on the street, but under the surface, there's a potent Track Day beast, including the following modifications:1) Ford Racing Power Pack 3, which includes the Voodoo GT350 cold air intake, throttle body, intake manifold and a 50-state EPA compliant Ford Racing...
  4. domesticpower

    See cool stuff, help a brother out!

    Short version: Please check out my blog and Instagram page and like/follow if you like what you see! (scroll down to links)Long version: I have had a blog for a few years now and this year, decided to embrace Instagram and created a page to help grow the blog's audience.. I will have plenty...