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Fox Body Vs SN95/Newedge for track use

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Hello Everyone,

I have:
-fully forged 4.6 4 valve. (the forged part is just from what I've been told, I have not confirmed this myself)
-03-04 IRS With 4.10 gears and everything maximum motorsports
-Tremec TR3650, I just rebuilt (Synchros and bearings)(Currently trying to find a T56 too)

All came out of a MACH1, that got flipped at the track.

My question: what would be better, more sorted, balanced, lighter between the fox and sn95/newedge??

note: either one I end up going with, will have a roll cage, frame connectors, strut bars, tubular cross member, body/aero improvements and lots of weight reduction.

Thanks in advance .
I have a 2000Sn 95 that is for sale that fits your needs. I was about to list it. Roll cage, subframe connectors, Sla front suspension, Griggs Coilovers , Alcon type B fronts, Fuel safe cell. Set up for return system. Tons of other nice bits. Pm me and ill give the low down. Your 4 valve motor and transmission bolts in. Loaded in Phx,Az area. Your drivetrain bolts right in.




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My vote would be an SN-95. I think parts are easier to come by and the slight weight difference is meh given the other benefits that body offers. The car posted right above seems like the perfect fit too with your drivetrain.

That'll be a fun project, I miss my Mustang sometimes :(
The IRS will bolt into either one, they'll even bolt into a Fairmont which uses an extended Mustang chassis. The Fox is a bit lighter and everyone builds replacement parts for them, the sn95 isn't quite there yet, both are flexi flyers. so IMO find the right donor car and go for it, eithe rone would be a good choice.

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