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14.1 MPG is probably as good as it is going to get

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Kerry, San Diego
The discs are out and I love running the gears up!

I love running the gears down and hearing "the exhaust pop".

Skipshift is a non issue for me.

BTW, what is the purpose of 6th gear? Seems unecessary...
You mean the Indy gear? I saw a calculation and if you could redline in 6th you'd be going over 240 mph. I'm also averaging about 14 and wouldn't have it any other way.
I do my best. I'm sure it was lower on track but I forgot to reset it. My car is mostly just used for mountain runs, but I am pretty much always in the 10-14 mpg range on the street with 14 being when I get stuck behind a Prius in the mountains. 8.9 was my street record and that did not involve any burnouts.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
lol over a 2000 mile avg of driving back and forth to work on the TK I avg 14.4 and that was with lots of John force type take offs. On 300 mile trips to PA I get around 25.2-25.4 on the highway.
Highway, 72 MPH or so in 6th, with cruise control, black key, I see about 24. Around town, driving like a total jackass, it's about 11-12.

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Only 6 miles to work and romp on it usually a couple of times, quickly through the gears , then just cruise to the homefront. Getting around 18.5 to 19.5 and if I skip the fun times it is right at 20.

Autocrossing or at the track and ..............let's just skip discussing fuel mileage,ha!
1000 miles with 14 mpg with grey key, and since then another 1000 miles with red key = 12 mpg.
no highways, just little roads with fun factor and lots of heel toe double clutch downshifts @40 miles an hour (no trafic lights and stop and go but many many turns) ( so yeah, no racing at all but lots of exhaust pops ^^)

PS: before I joined the forum I was flabergasted at the difference between actual mpg and STICKER MPG, then I realized thats normal with this car, but thank god I didnt buy that car for its STICKER CLAIMED MPG ( what a joke). I think its possible to get sticker mpg, but basically you have to say NO and then NO and NO again to ANY KIND OF FUN SOUNDS OR FEELS with our car.
True of most cars. I get 12 mpg in my truck driving normal, I get 16 if I baby it to the point of frustrating myself. I haven't even tried babying the Boss. My old turbo car got 19-20 mph like clockwork highway or city driving fast or slow. It was an anomaly, though I think it got less mpg at the track than the Boss.

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