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1434, 7 days and counting!

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#1434 in my hands for 7 days now! I am feel very privileged to be an owner.
HP (digging the monchromatic color scheme), recaro (feel great), torsen. 550 miles
Finding a spot to open her up is impossible.
Handles awesome, plenty of power, no prominent drivetrain issues. Actually it seems to have loosened up"a lot" IMO.

Not much more to took me seven days to unglue my eyes so I could share!
Still can't believe I am a Boss owner.... I feel like a kid again ;D. I love it!

I want to thank everyone that helped me along the way! There is a wealth of knowledge on here!

Here are the first pictures: excuse the fact that my phone took them, the SLR is acting up :(


68fb42769scj88drag car2012BossYB838 LS 760 SILVER
Congrats 1trkmnd the main thing is you have an special car,in 1969 i drove off the showroom floor with the 49th Boss 429 made i was 23 years old,and when i drove my new Boss 302 off the floor again i regained my 23 year old eyes in my 65 year old body! Havent stopped grinning yet. Enjoy these cars wont be around much longer. 427 Mustang Gary
Welcome...1800 mi on mine; had it up to 125 mph last night; from about 45 to 125 seems effortless. No idea when I'll actually be able to open it up...still lookin' around for smoky; can't afford the ticket! Boss is the best motorized item I've ever owned...and I've owned more than a few! Enjoy!
Thanks for the welcome guys! I have enjoyed every minute behind the wheel. The first 350 miles were put on during the trip home from Chicago area. I took all back roads home and was able to open her up to 140 mph! There is even an impressive amount of acceleration in 5th gear!

I go to have clear bra installed tomorrow, can't wait. Makes those 100 mph bugs clean off a "little" better :D

And yeah... tickets are bad! The wife reminded me that if I lost my license she would be glad to drop me off at work, in the boss! That really put things into perspective for me ::)


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
I have just over 1200 miles on the Boss and it's not my DD either. I love it and I'm glad it seems like everyone else is having just as pleasant an ownership experience as I am. I need to get that clear bra on the car too but all the places here quote at close to $1000 which is ridiculous. Anyways, keep on enjoying the Boss!

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