2012 Black LS for Sale...Maybe?

Discussion in 'BOSS 302 and GT350 Registry' started by DOM529, May 12, 2017.

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    Hello Members, I'm toying with the idea of posting my LS for sale. Love the ride as it's the best Mustang I've ever owned and driven, but I think I have AADD (Automotive Attention Deficit Disorder).
    2 yrs already and I'm thinking going oldschool again, maybe.
    She's number 529, US speedo, have the 2 covers, original owners kit, Eibach kit is the only mod but have the originals in the box, tinted windows (bought that way), original tires and always stored in a climate control garage, no holes in front bumper as I have included is the removable license plate bracket . 3 years or 80,000kms (49,709mi) warranty included and the LS currently has 6,389 miles on it.
    I've shipped cars to the US and Australia before as it's very easy to do for both buyer and seller to transact.
    Asking $45k USD but am will to entertain serious offers only.
    boss302gblue@live.com is how you can reach me and go and we can go from there.
    Thanks !
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