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2012 Boss 302 Trans issue. Video link!

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This thing sounds terrible! 29,000 miles. Dropped off at dealer on Saturday. Will let you guys know! :mad:
Superlead76 said:
Do they make Tremecs for the BOSS? :)
Think 302S. Ford isn't going to give you one though. Good luck with your repair.
Apparently that piece of metal covers that allen bolt you see above it, hanging out. IDK....they aren't going to replace the trans. Thansk god because the trans is vin coded to the car.


Performance Fords
i had a similar event occur on my escape. one of the clutch dowel pins came out and rattled around trashing the bellhousing, starter and the clutch..

make sure they replace everything that was hit by that thing.... why did that bolt come loose? it looks like it backed out forcing that cover off... does that hold the counter shaft in place?!!?! that could habe been a MUCH worse disaster!
Looks like a cheap cap for the hex bolt to keep crud out of the hex. Some engineer probably assumed that techs would not bother to clean out the crud and end up stripping it. That is all I can think of, anyways. I am always told to design things assuming a tech will take a shortcut, and the techs in my industry are better than most auto techs.
Got the BOSS back today. It's good as new. They had to replace the clutch , hex bolt and cover as well as fluid and thorough check. The hex bolt adjusts the counter shaft by the way.. :)

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