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2012 boss mustang Stock mufflers?

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Yes with the larger tips welded on. I'm running GT500 mufflers on mine that are a direct bolt on.
I have the same setup on mine I just wondered if I should keep the stock ones in my shed or just get rid of them I will never go back to them im sure.


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And that's why at LimeRock the guy with the meter is sometimes on the paddock side of the track and sometimes across at the parking lot side. It's communism I say ! ;D

Quick story: Last year one run group was made aware of where the 'guy with the DB meter' was hiding. It was hilarious to see and hear all the cars upshift and lower the revs on a part of the track where they normally wouldn't.
Guy at an event at Thunderhill (I didn't even know they had db rules there before) had a fresh built 67ish Mustang full on racecar with a big block and straight pipes. They flagged him the first lap, he pulled into the pits then ran to pep boys and bought all the cherry bomb mufflers they had and put 3 in line for each side. He got it back on the track by afternoon, but it was pretty funny.
I want to get a look at the 2013 GT500 mufflers those quad tips look fantastic. they should bolt right up?
CaliMR said:
Stick a pipe in the tip with a bend facing away from the meter. People do it at Laguna Seca.

Was wondering about having the pass side plate only in the side pipes there.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Jeff said:
I want to get a look at the 2013 GT500 mufflers those quad tips look fantastic. they should bolt right up?

They won't clear the stock fascia openings--but if you get the '13 rear taillights, bumper cover, and lower trim, you can use them.

From a piping perspective, they should mate right up.

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