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2013 Front end cover?

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I'm trying to find a front end cover for my boss, not the clear bra type but the black padded ones. I have had no luck finding any info on them. I really want it so I can have some front end protect from stones and such while going on trips more than a 100 miles away. Any ideas or suggestions.
Well, you asked for "ANY" ideas, you could always spray the front with plasti-dip ($6 a can) and then peel it off later. I'd give the car a good washing first though. :)


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We don't see the old style bras because of paint rub issues.

If the materials caught wind and bounced or vibrated the material would eventually rub through the paint.

The new clear bar products don't have this problem. The biggest complaint I have seen so far from the clear bra is that when removed, the protected paint looks different, read unchanged, while the remainder of the car has changed.
Painter's tape works if you only want it on while you are on the highway for a long trip, then peel it off. Can also be used on problem areas at the track, but people will make fun of you for doing it. That is how my old car survived 20+ track days with no chips.
We had a clear film installed on our black Porsche. I regret it. There is a distinct line edge where it ends. Over time you will also get small nicks in the film. It does save the paint but doesn't look as good. Apparently, removing it is a weekend project. That's why it's still on.

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