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2013 stripe water spots

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Forum posts have got me concerned about damaging reflective properties of stripes on my 2013. as I'm new to detailing, how does one remove water spots from the stripes without waxing or spraying on detail products?

Hints on the rear diffuser black plastic also welcome



Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I've been using either Adams or Zaino wash on mine and it does a great job keeping the stripes clean. Mine is always garaged and almost never driven in the rain (until this past week). If you've read though this forum enough, there a lot of posts where folks discussed care and treatment of the stripes. I've been using the Zaino Z6 detail spray and they stripes look great. The spray also provides UV40 protection.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
if they etched the decals....your well screwed. you can mask them with layers for Z5 (zaino).

Do not use a polish or compound on the decals. This will make them worse.

As for the plastic on the outside. Adams Super VRT is a good choice. And if you are lazy Adams In and Out spray works great!!! Use it on the front grills keeps them nice and black.
A good detail spray will take off those water spots, just male sure you use a nice microfiber. I got a 4 layers of wax and sealant on mine and they are never touched by any foreign containments. I've had a bug fly into the stopes and it wiped straight off. Wolfgang and dodo products work great on the stripes. Just make sure your careful with polishes and compounds around the stripes and trim.
I use Turtle Wax's Ice as it's a synthetic polymer and can be used on everything.

They have a nice review on Mustang World:
like mentioned, detail sprays will take them off.
I've used meguires quick detailer spray with good success. it does require a few gentle passes, with a microfiber towel, to get them all off. so don't get worried if they dont come off on your first wipe.


Phoenix, Az
LS223 said:
I use Turtle Wax's Ice as it's a synthetic polymer and can be used on everything.

They have a nice review on Mustang World:

That's probably the first time the words "nice review" and "Mustangworld" were used in the same sentence, LOL

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