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2013 Boss 302 Track Tape Residue on Stripes

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@dgollem You have a full set? I am in need of the passenger side decals up to but not including the front quarter. I am debating if I should just buy them individually or maybe the entire set from you...
I have the center and the two over the hood and down the side stripes, I don't have the small pieces that go on the grill in front of the hood.
I don't get on this forum enough...

A few months back, I found out some more useful information for those with stripes on their cars. I detail my own cars, so seeing rock chips after each event would kill me inside a little bit. Knowing that we were going to track our mustangs more often, I bit the bullet and paid for a clear bra to be installed on the front bumper, full hood, stripes, and part of the front fenders. Because I already put a vinyl specific ceramic coating on the GT350's stripes, the Detailing Shop could not get the clear bra to adhere to the stripes. They did some research, and their typical vinyl installer could replicate the GT350's stripes for about $300-400 installed. They refunded me for the stripe portion of the work, and recommended to just replace the stripes in this manner if the stripes got torn up enough. Back when the Boss 302 had it's spotting issue, we took the Boss to the same guys. They said their vinyl guy could replicate the Boss's stripes for significantly cheaper than OEM prices.

In short, if you live in a largish metropolitan area, check a professional detailing shop. They may have a network of personnel available to help you at much cheaper prices than OEM.
I spoke with a Charlotte area vinyl shop about replicating the stripes for my Boss 302. Their would be an initial cost to scan the vehicle, but they can recreate them. If I remember correctly, they quoted me ~$800 for the full kit.
I'll update the post here when the dust settles, but i'm supposed to have a vinyl shop use my 13 boss as a template to start making these. Not sure on cost or anything just yet, I will update this as i get information.

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