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  1. SpeedeeGonzalez

    Paintless Dent Removal

    Hey All,I am the owner of #199 2013 Boss 302, and I had a paintless dent removal job done a while back, in which I had a tiny dent on the D-pillar fixed.The technician had to drill a 1/2” or thereabout hole into the sheet metal behind the left tail lamp to access the dent, and now I’m just...
  2. Massimo

    Aftermarket Recaro Racing Seats - No Airbag Light

    Hey guys,I'm looking at installing some cloth Recaro Pole Position seats in my 2013 Mustang GT. I've done a lot of research on making sure I don't get an airbag light after everything is fully installed, but still have some questions I cannot find answers to. I'm hoping one of you that has...
  3. KonaBoss

    S197 ISO - Speed of Sound triple pillar pod

    I know its a stretch, but I am on a hunt for a triple pillar gauge pod for a 2012 Boss 302. Looking for the charcoal finish. As far as I can tell Speed of Sound does not make this anymore, so if anyone has one that they would like to sell please let me know. I'm not a fan of the autometer one...
  4. SOLD 2012 Boss 302 LS For Sale 4th of July Special Price Drop!

    What could be more patriotic than buying a Boss 302 on Independence Day!Hello, I've decided to sell my 2012 Boss 302 LS. I'll try to list all the details but please hit me up with any questions. Car has a clean title and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Asking $35K OBO...
  5. 2013 Boss 302R World Challenge Race Car

    More photos can be found here: American racecar comes in Pirelli World Challenge race trim and has had an extensive amount of additional upgrades installed when compared to a standard Boss R or Boss S...
  6. KonaBoss

    WTB: Tires for stock boss wheels

    All,Since I recently completed the suspension overhaul on my car, the next order of business is finding some replacement tires for my stock 9 year old Pirelli's (would like to actually be able to enjoy the changes I made...). The plan is to eventually move up to a set of Apex EC-7 19x10 square...
  7. KonaBoss

    2012 Boss 302 Build

    Hey all,Have been lurking around this forum for a couple of years now, all I can say is thank you to all the members that post on this forum! I have learned a ton from here, and have (hopefully) applied what I have learned to my build up that I'm about to begin.As of right now, my boss is...
  8. Frank.JD.Perez

    Special Offer from Wheelwell

    Hey TMO members,A new, up and coming company called Wheelwell, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering a special deal to car enthusiast - like you and me - around the US! For all new members on the site, Wheelwell is offering $200 towards any purchase of $500 or more on the site...
  9. Broland

    2012 Mustang GT / Brembo Pack

    Asking $19,500 Selling My * One Owner! * 2012 Mustang GT * Brembo Pack * 6-Speed Manual *Florida owned car so you don't have to worry about salt rust, this car has never had a major issue its honestly so reliable. Tints on all window for sun protection. I always put 93 octane in for the...
  10. Nick Melnikoff

    2012 Boss 302 stock stuff for sale.!
  11. DaKonquerer

    2013 Boss 302 Track Tape Residue on Stripes

    Hi TrackMustangsOnline,My father and I recently took our 2013 Boss 302 to a Chin Track Days event at Sebring International Raceway. We were concerned with track debris (rubber, rocks, chunks of other cars, etc.) impacting the front bumper and damaging the paint and the stripes so we decided to...
  12. Looking For Opinions For My Next Mustang

    Hello everyone! Been lurking for a while and decided to join up finally. I'm looking to possibly get into a new Mustang in the next few months and wanted to get your opinions on which route would be a good way to go for both enjoyment and my wallet.I've currently got a '14 GT with 33,400...
  13. GBoss7500

    MT-82: Durability w/McLeod RXT Clutch?

    Hi all,I recently installed a Mcleod RXT twin-disc in my 2012 Boss 302. I’m very happy with the much improved engage/disengage at high rpm and easier shifting. No issues with driveability – some adjustments to my driving style when pulling away from a stop and it’s smooth enough.I'm...