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boss 302

  1. New BOSS 302 (New to me)

    Hey all,Well I did it. Was looking for a 2013/2014 GT500. Ended up getting a BOSS 302. I just couldn't pass it up. Looks clean and drives nice. Picking it up this weekend. Almost pulled a trigger on a GT500 in FL. But dealership looked shady to me.Hope to take it to some car meets with the...
  2. ibdboss

    Kooks Super Street Shorty Headers - Install Tips

    Hi All,I bought a set of these to install this spring on my Boss. Went with these as long tubes would have required change to cats etc... too costly for my budget right now.I know that several forum members have installed these, won't be installing myself, so I'm looking for whatever tips...
  3. anasadwan

    Boss 302 production number plate

    anyone knows how to find out the production number of this 2013 boss 302?VIN: 1zvbp8cu6d5200338based on other people's experience; the dealership was no use, so if there's any other specific way to get the number that would be amazing...
  4. GHIG302Boss

    Rear shocks

    I need to replace the rear shocks on my Boss, priced out factory replacements from Ford ($600 for both rears). Before I did that, wanted to check to see if there is an upgraded option people was confident in that wouldn’t be a drag strictly shock that I should consider…. Most people I have asked...
  5. 2013 Boss 302 - oil change procedure

    Hi, I just recently purchased a 2013 boss 302 this past weekend and will be doing all fluids to make sure that I have a good starting point. The trans and rear differential seem pretty straight forward as far as what needs to happen, I am more curious on what needs to happen for the engine oil...
  6. Massimo

    Aftermarket Recaro Racing Seats - No Airbag Light

    Hey guys,I'm looking at installing some cloth Recaro Pole Position seats in my 2013 Mustang GT. I've done a lot of research on making sure I don't get an airbag light after everything is fully installed, but still have some questions I cannot find answers to. I'm hoping one of you that has...
  7. KonaBoss

    S197 ISO - Speed of Sound triple pillar pod

    I know its a stretch, but I am on a hunt for a triple pillar gauge pod for a 2012 Boss 302. Looking for the charcoal finish. As far as I can tell Speed of Sound does not make this anymore, so if anyone has one that they would like to sell please let me know. I'm not a fan of the autometer one...
  8. Boss 302vs Pp1

    Hey everyone, been looking at the used mustang market recently seems to be low miles boss 302 goes for the same price as a used 2018+ pp1 mustang. What car is the better car for a fast street/track car? Whichever car I get I probably won’t do any crazy mods for the next few years. Will a boss...
  9. SOLD 2012 Boss 302 LS For Sale 4th of July Special Price Drop!

    What could be more patriotic than buying a Boss 302 on Independence Day!Hello, I've decided to sell my 2012 Boss 302 LS. I'll try to list all the details but please hit me up with any questions. Car has a clean title and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Asking $35K OBO...
  10. Corral Man

    2013 Boss -> 2013 GT 500 Brake Upgrade

    So I came across a set of GT500 6-piston front calipers and 15" rotors for sale locally and the price was so good I couldn't pass them up. When I went to pick them up I saw why they were such a good price. The fellow who was selling them had attempted to sand off the factory red and then spray...
  11. KonaBoss

    WTB: Tires for stock boss wheels

    All,Since I recently completed the suspension overhaul on my car, the next order of business is finding some replacement tires for my stock 9 year old Pirelli's (would like to actually be able to enjoy the changes I made...). The plan is to eventually move up to a set of Apex EC-7 19x10 square...
  12. KonaBoss

    2012 Boss 302 Build

    Hey all,Have been lurking around this forum for a couple of years now, all I can say is thank you to all the members that post on this forum! I have learned a ton from here, and have (hopefully) applied what I have learned to my build up that I'm about to begin.As of right now, my boss is...
  13. Busdriver

    2012 Kona Blue Boss 302 $20,000, 2012 Boss 302. Setup for the track. Located in Tucson AZ. More pics at the link. Build List: Trackey tune 84.5mm Accufab Throttle Body, Airaid CAI Autoblip MCS Dual Adjustable Coilovers Steeda sway bars Ford racing rear...
  14. 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca - production numbers

    Currently looking into buying a 2012 Boss Laguna Seca.I am trying to figure out the production number for said 1ZVBP8CU4C5199902Any help would be appreciated.
  15. OPMustang Tim

    Trackspec Product Updates

    This is the GT4 Center vent for the S550 2015-2016 clearanced for the Boss 302 Intake. This will fit 2013-2014 Hoods.Please take note of the under side construction of Trackspec Products. Recently there have been some new vents on the market that do not have any support structure. If you...
  16. SeaPig

    STEEDA Suspension Part (New)

    Hi Folks-All STEEDA Part Numbers:I still have many brand new STEEDA Suspension Parts for the BOSS 302. Some are Boss specific; others are good for all S197 Mustangs.They include:555-5081-Driveshaft safeety loop555-8245-Boss Mustang Performance lowering springs555-8135-STEEDA Heavy...
  17. Short question considering 2012 Boss 302 grille & fog light covers

    Dear forum,I do not have the 2012 manual for my car, but the 2013 manual I got as pdf tells me to remove the fog light covers for track days.The thing is that in my grille, the are not removable. The grille is cast in one piece.Are they only removable on the 2013 Boss? Or does that mean I...
  18. mprichar87

    Pagid Brake Pads F&R - brand new in box

    Set of Pagid front RST2 pads & rear RST4 pads that fit Boss 302 Brembo calipers.Brand new, never mounted or used. $350 obo. Really just want them gone.Willing to ship, located in the Bay Area, CA.Possibly split up the F & R sets if a desire arises.
  19. DaKonquerer

    2013 Boss 302 Track Tape Residue on Stripes

    Hi TrackMustangsOnline,My father and I recently took our 2013 Boss 302 to a Chin Track Days event at Sebring International Raceway. We were concerned with track debris (rubber, rocks, chunks of other cars, etc.) impacting the front bumper and damaging the paint and the stripes so we decided to...
  20. ShortBusBoss

    2013 Boss 302 SBY

    To any of you guys that have read my thread in the road racing section you know that I am selling this car to start my racing career. In an effort to thank everyone on here for the advise and support i'm offering the car on here for $3,000 less than everywhere else. Please don't hesitate to...
  21. ShortBusBoss

    Build a Boss or buy a 302S

    Ive been struggling with this decision for a while so I figured its about time I get some expert opinions.I currently own a 2013 boss 302 that I have always planned to turn into a race car to compete in American Iron. As I get deeper and deeper into modifying the car it's becoming apparent...
  22. ShortBusBoss

    WTB: 18x10.5 BBS boss 302 wheels in silver

    Looking to complete a set so I only need 2. MUST be 10.5. If you're not selling but know of someone who might have some please let me know!
  23. ShortBusBoss

    BBS Boss 302S wheels

    So I have recently acquired a pair of silver BBS boss 302S racing wheels 18 x 10.5 from a private seller. I need two more wheels to complete the set and I cannot for the life of me find any 10.5in wheels for sale. Anyone know where I could buy some? Also if you're an over achiever and want to...
  24. PeteInCT

    Track Day Solutions #59 '12 Boss and Aluma Trailer For Sale

    For Sale 2012 Boss 302 with Aluma 8250 20’ Aluminum Tilt trailer$40,0002012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca LS-378 for sale. This is a track-only car that s 100% sorted out, has no known issues or repair needs and is ready for the track. Odometer is at 13,129. It is one of the fewer Boss 302’s in...
  25. cholmes1

    WTB: OEM Boss 302 Shift Knob

    I am looking to purchase an undamaged / unmarred OEM Boss 302 shift knob. I do not need the metal extension or the shaft itself, just the black 6 speed knob.I am aware of the retail options available, but I'm hoping someone has one lying around after a shifter or transmission swap.Thanks
  26. domesticpower

    See cool stuff, help a brother out!

    Short version: Please check out my blog and Instagram page and like/follow if you like what you see! (scroll down to links)Long version: I have had a blog for a few years now and this year, decided to embrace Instagram and created a page to help grow the blog's audience.. I will have plenty...