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2013 Stripes what is the story??

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Help me understand 2013 stripes. The LS's are reflective with the regular cars getting gloss stripes right? That's how I understood it. All the pictures we've seen of the show cars were either Grabber Blue or GHIG both looked to have reflective stripes on them. Thought OK those are pre-production cars doesn't really matter.

Now someone posted their VIN: 1ZVBP8CU1D5206564 for a regular boss when I look up the window sticker it clearly states reflective stripes hood and sides. This car is Grabber Blue not sure if that makes a difference it is still not a LS.

On my DORA it says “GLOSS BLK ST” does ST = stripes? I ordered Performance White later on it says hood stripe NO2 / side stripe. The VIN above also lists hood stripe NO2.

So what’s the deal? Are all cars getting reflective stripes? Or just LS like we thought or LS along with Grabber Blue and GHIG while other colors get gloss?
All of the 2013 cars have reflective stripes, LS gets sterling gray and Boss gets black. I don't think the 2013 black stripes are high gloss like the 2012.
thank you that helps. can't wait to start seeing some of these cars arrive. I was under the impression they would be gloss again.

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