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2014 CJ Still not Approved....

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BF was at Watson Engineering outside Dearborn, MI yesterday dropping off a body in white Mustang for prep. He said all the 2014 CJ's there were complete and ready o ship. Yet they are still not legal.

To say the least there are some concerned customers that have already plopped down $$ and taken delivery.

Like sands through the hourglass....
Bummer, any idea what the issue is?
Sean said:
Tease lol

That would suck to plop 90+k on a car and not at all be allowed to use it for the class. (I am assuming that this is a problem with NHRA)

My BF says the same thing. ::)
CobraJetCutie said:
Yes but I'm not allowed to say.
SHHHHHHHHHHH I know a secret and I am not aloud to tell anyone... na na na na... Just teasing, make funny.

Doesn't surprize me... Ford Racing cant make a CAI that wont collapse for the 13 CJ intake setup for a GT/Boss.... Maybe you are making it to small and the vacuum is collapsing it. make it 110 to 115mm please thank you. It is a race car and used off road.


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