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2023 F1 Car Launches

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beautiful car, except for that thong, thing. Maybe they could make it unbolt so when pics are taken for aesthetics it could be removed. I was talking to an engineer about that abomination at Daytona, he was old school, like me, missed the beautiful F1 and GT/Prototype cars. He was telling me when they designed the thongs, they actually designed them backwards, where in.. say a dragster type cage the strength is directly behind the driver's head, the major supporting member is at the front, with the rear, mated to the engine bulkhead affair.. I think they could at least make them horizontal, or SOMETHING besides a freaking add on that some kid glued to his wood racer.
Although, I'll admit, some of those wood cars are pretty zoomy..

there has never been a more beautiful F1 car than the Eagle MK1


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The 60's "cigar" monocoque cars really did look good. Even into the early aero days when they just stuck a couple wings on the same body shapes. I also have a soft spot for the mid-70's when the teams were running the big snorkel intakes - including the American team.

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