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5.0 Mustang Mag

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Has anyone else read the August issue? Starting on P.44 it has the intire break down of the BOSS. It talks about everything and I mean eveything you want to know. It is very informative and the most info on the BOSS I have read to date. It goes very indepth into the inter workings of the engine and development. I didn't know our engine was code name was Road Runner. Get it? Coyote - Road Runner...I had to laugh. Happy reading!
302BOB said:
You can read the article on the 5.0 Mustang Magazine website online if you prefer.

That article is thier review of the Car last month. The new issue is all about the engine - design / development / differences.

VERY must read material, for fans of the new Boss! I was thinking "ho hum" when I picked it up, then I started looking at the material (14pgs worth) and was like WOW... i'm buying this (magazine) for sure! Oh, and if I can swing it through Congress (i.e. the wife) i'm gonna get me one a them cars too :)


Indeed an depth article regarding the Boss. I read about the Coyote engine that was put in the 5.0 and was very impressed with the detailed information. In case you missed it 5.0 Magazine mentions that they will reissue that same article for those that missed it. It will be the 2011-2012 Mustang Performance special issue due out June 21,2011.
ArizonaGT said:
Stopped by my local Barnes & Noble today to get a copy after work, they were either out or don't carry it. :-/

They carry it. That's were I got my copy. There was only 2 left when I got mine. Some good info for sure. I was amazed how much had to be changed to make the engine reliable at 7500 rpm compared to 7000 rpm.
Just picked up the issue...............haven't read the article yet just skimmed it............WOW!!! I'm more and more excited about the delivery of my car!!!! ;D
Other than the 5.0 Mustang and Super Ford Magazine, I've found the following to have done articles on the new Boss:

Motor Trend (May Issue)

Car and Driver (May Issue)

Road and Track (May Issue)

Mustang Milestones "Collector's Edition"

*If anyone knows of other magazines who have done detailed writings on the car, I would like to know so I may add it to the collection.

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