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A naked Boss

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Just wrapped up the Track Attack + 2nd day in Utah. Had a blast! One of the guys who is in the class after mine showed up in his white Boss...sans striping. He said he tried to order it that way and dealer said that was not an option but dealer offered to remove it. When car came in they left it in the sun all day and it peeled right off. Personally, I would not do it but he said he didn't want every kid in a rice burner wanting to race him.

"To each his own"...but my stripes are staying on for as long as they can. They're part of what makes a BOSS a BOSS( I'm not forgetting about the little surprise under the hood) The heck with the rice burners, let em get their own stripes.
I like it more than I thought I would. Nobody has offered to race me yet. Maybe I'm too old. :'(
If I had a PW Boss, the side and hood stripes would be off before I left the lot. I think they look great in stealth mode. The LS and KB are the only ones that "need" the stripes.
Although I would not do it myself, I think the overall appearance of the car is great.
It looks good, but for me I really like the look of the black stripes contrasting on the white. Like someone else said to each their own. Nice to see that I'm not the only one to drive their Boss to TrackAttack.
I was with Chuck in that class and saw it as well. It did look nice and made you do a double take. I actually did'nt kow at first if it was a Boss or a 6 banger that someone wanted to clone a boss. Then I got close :) and it was obvious that it was a Boss....


I'm leaving mine on....


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