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Adjustable Sway bar Kits

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Just got done changing the suspension a little on the boss, and was wondering about changing out the sway bars to the Ford Racing adjustable sways. Kit# M-5490-A. I know Eibach also, makes a kit also, was wondering if I could get any info or feedback on these? How much they improve the suspension and how much of a difference they make? I already did the LCA's and the Relocation brackets and P springs and Panhard bar and Camber plates. So, I'm thinking the sway's would be the next step. Any info would be great.. Thanks, again.
I put Hotchkis sways on and they helped a lot with body roll and the car rotates better, less understeer. Set the rear on stiffest and front on the middle
Cloud9 has the FR sway bars along with the other FR parts you mentioned. I'm sure he'll be along and comment.


I'm putting the Eibach front/rear multiway adj sway bars on Friday and tracking at VIR mon/tue. Will let you know how they handle doing 135 up the rising esses.


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I have the FR sway bars and have been happy with them. I'm running in the middle setting with staggered wheels and the car is very neutral on the track. If I want to switch to a squared set of wheels I can stiffen the front bar to compensate.

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