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Thanks. You cant go wrong with forged 19x11's that weight 19 pounds each.

The GT500 diff bushing actually came up on TMO a couple of times which made me do more research. With the power/torque the 13-14 GT500's came with the bushing has a higher durometer with less cross sectional rubber. It's a good compromise between a more hardcore set up and poly (which most people advise to stay away from). The OD of the bushing is the same which made the swap straight forward.

Plus its only a few bucks more than the 05 OEM bushing. The part number is DR3Z-5A638-A and can be had for $31 on Tasca.
You can also get it for that same price from one of our Supporting Vendors here:

Please do check with SFFP and see if they can compete on price and delivery times before going to Tasca or another dealer parts department. They're linked on all pages down at the bottom or on our Sponsors list here:
Sorry for "outing" you. I always listened to you thinking, "If Falken is learning so much sponsoring this stuff, why isn't the 615K+ more competitive?" I guess the 660 is the answer to my question. I guess R&D doesn't happen overnight.

It’s been a tire that was in development for a while. We had a good group of guys that competed and did well in the series on the K+ and it will still serve a purpose in the marketing moving forward. The life cycle on a product in the 200tw segment is a bit out of control with a newest and greatest tire coming out almost annually now.

Tire exclusivity is thrown around a lot in the tire industry event sponsorships. From a marketing stand point we would continue to sponsor a series like optima while we are in development to protect the “official tire” stamp as another manufacturer would immediately move in and block us out.

Optima was used as a proof of concept to collect data surrounding market needs to present to our engineers in Japan. When we first started developing the tire the question of “so you want us to build a race tire?” was thrown out a lot as US performance tire needs are extremely different from our other subsidiaries. Having them come out to the optima series to see the builds and talk to competitors was education that far exceeded the cost of sponsorship.

Sorry if I got too inside baseball with the reply. lol


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Don't be sorry. You told me what I wanted to know, and I didn't even have to ask the direct question. It's cool for we "consumers" to see the relationships between manufacturers, suppliers, sponsors, and those that are sponsored. As long as it all ends with me getting a better product to enjoy... we're all good.
Competed in the first round of the optima ultimate street car in Las Vegas and the car performed great. They had an “track cross” segment instead of a traditional autocross where you can get 100mph on portions or the track so the little 3V was in trouble. Overall the car performed great with all the changes and I look forward to getting more seat time soon.



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