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Another MGW Shifter Happy Customer

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I finally had time to install the MGW this weekend. This shifter is a must have for your Boss or GT. I can't believe how much nicer it is to drive the car. Not only is the shifter top notch, the instructions are as well. I've installed hundreds of parts on cars over the years. I always read the instructions. Most of the time, I get the feeling they are written by someone who doesn't own a socket set.
The guys at MGW not only own sockets, they tell you that you need a 10mm deep socket. They even post a video on you tube and give you their phone number over and over in case you have trouble. If you read English, you won't have trouble with the install.

It's a 3 hour job if you don't have a lift and you've never done it before. I pulled my car on race ramps, grabbed my creeper and went to work. The hardest part was getting the shifter ball off.

I'm not saying there are no other good shifters on the market. I am saying that there are no other shifters as good as the MGW for the M-82 Mustang transmission.

Put one on back order today!


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
You mean 'reserve yours while it's custom built to the strictest tolerances and hand crafted out the best materials available' ! I can't get over the difference between the 2 every time I hop in my wife's 11 GT, reminds me that once upon a time my Boss also had the same limp noodle shifter. The OEM unit is in a ziploc bag in the original parts box in my garage (where it belongs).

Glad you are as happy as the rest of us fanboys who swear by it. Plus a good deal of satisfaction from doing it yourself too.
I also installed an MGW shifter this past weekend and concur with all that you said. I only had a 10 day wait to get mine, so they are almost caught up. Great product at a very fair price for what you get. I can't believe on how much more crisp and positive gear placement the shifter is over stock. Thanks to Justin, the shifter ball came off in less than a minute!
OK quick question, waiting to get car back from dealer to see if Ford Tech was able to resolve most of the clutch, shifter and tranny issues. The one question that has been hanging on me is this. When (not if) I replace the stock shifter with the MGW, how will that affect the warranty as I am facing issues with the tranny as well. Concern is if I go down this path am I going to be SOL? Any experiences with this would be appreciated.
I installed mine last week also and it is worth the wait and the $$. I have purchased several MGW items over the past 10 years and they have all been of the highest quality. Instructions for the shifter were top notch.


Ordered mine on 9/4/2012. Received it Monday 9/24/2012. I will be installing it soon! Can't wait to get rid of those missed shifts. Everything looks VERY well made.
I have had the MGW shifter for a few weeks and love it. One of those mods that is a must do, and I do not believe it affects the warranty at all.
Got mine in a week ago as well, PHENOMENAL!!!! The unit installed is as quiet as stock, but ultra precise, a literal joy to drive. My unit came with the optional heat shield, which I believe cuts down on NVH as well as heat. My console is no longer an oven on my arm!

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