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Another video

This one is a little boring, so it's for those of you who are snowbound. Really slick track, I was getting very frustrated. There's a good spin at the end.


Check this out, I had no idea my car sounded this good. ;D


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
What car was that you passed in the other vid? You blew by him like he was standing still

Also, your data is upside down, wiseguy.

Keep these vids coming; watching track videos is one of the few things that keeps me sane in between my own track events.
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I have no idea what happened to the video. It recorded upside down,but the data was rightside up. So I fliped it. ???
Cool video. If I read your data correctly your top speed was 711 MPH. ;D


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Still very cool.

Not sure if you saw this from my LS on a Mustang dyno. Based on the increase after each pull I think she would have gotten very close to 400 hp if given a chance to fully heat up.

smittytx said:
PeteInCT said:
smittytx said:
cloud9 said:
smittytx said:
7800. Supposedly, the engine can take up to 8200.
Nice. Have you had it on a dyno yet?

Yes, average of 3 pulls was 404/354 highest 409/356.
Interesting. Mine pulled 397/356 on a Dynojet. Not that much difference.

Was it on a Dynajet dyno or a Mustang ? If it was on a Mustang that's really kickin'.

Dynajet in 4th gear

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