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Anyone interested

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Got all the details! POSSIBLE track Day, gauging interest.

Date Mar 2nd (Tentative)
Cost per person: $100 half day, $150 full day
3 classes (beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

20min sessions (one run per class per hour)
Half day will get you 4 runs total
Full Day will get you 8 runs total

The above prices are based off having 45 ppl. (15 ea class)

Please let me know ASAP if you want to attend so I can book the track!
Please specify if you prefer FULL day or HALF day.....we will all have to be in agreeance here.

Again, nothing is in stone, this is to judge interest. I have posted this on a few other forums too!

Track info:

If you are interested let me know.
This is for those who were interested in the track day at NCCAR in March. The MPH for the different run groups are only to give people an idea. They had an issue last time with people puttering around course and slowing up cars.

Well its official, finally! The Twisted Stallions Mustang Club is hosting a Track Day on March 16th at NCCAR.

The event will include
Photos with your car on the track.
Road course style 2.5mi
Also 1/4 "street race" style runs after lunch
Must have a SA 2005 or new certified helmet

Registration will be available tomorrow (pre registere d cars only)
Price: $125
Go to to register< br>
Classes are: Beginner (under 100 MPH)
Intermediate (over 100 MPH)
Advanced (race prep cars only)

For more info on the track go here:

June 8th there will be an event at NCCAR and we need some more participants. Its $200 if you mention Nicholas Smilie.

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