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anyone run tr Motorsport wheels for track?

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Too Hot for the Boss!
They are good wheels. I think they were a little 'late' to the party as Enkie, Forge-Line and D-Force came out earlier, so that's what most track-rats run. Also, very little advertising.

If I needed a set of track wheels (I already have several), I'd definitely take a look at the TR wheels.


Too Hot for the Boss!
18x10 with ~43 offset seems to work pretty well.

Tire sizes: 275x35, 285x35, 295x40 (huge), 305/650 are all sizes I've run without issue on all four corners.


Too Hot for the Boss!
steveespo said:
Any links? Also do you have any info on templates, I am still trying to find 18"s that will fit over the GT500 brake calipers without buying $600 BBS wheels.

If you come out to Hastings for the Roundup, you can bolt up a set of my D-Force wheels and see if they clear.
Phil's Tire Service confirmed for me they don't make the size. I've decided on 275 Rivals or R comps, so it looks like I need a 9.5 rim. Any suggestions (read: cheaper) than the Enkei's?
SVE drifts. They're the go-to budget "race" wheel. Good sizing and unbeatable price


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
neema said:
SVE drifts. They're the go-to budget "race" wheel. Good sizing and unbeatable price

A set of those is showing up at my door tomorrow.

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