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Argh, my car was stuck due to pads rusted to rotors!

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So we had a big snow storm here in Dallas. I put my car into the garage a few days ago after driving around on the icy roads. Last night I went to drive the car and it wouldn't move due to the front pads being frozen (rusted?) to the rotors.

This is with the OEM Brembo rotors and pads. It only happened on the front.

I mean the car was stuck-stuck. I had to remove the wheels and knock the pads loose.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


New Boss 302 LS owner
Never heard of that ever happening to any car except at the track if the pads are really hot. Never set your e-brake at the track as the brake pads will weld themselves to the rotor. That's wild. :eek:
that's what i've done the previous 6 times this has happened... but it usually doesn't stick so hard.

The thing that's strang is... it seems to happen more with this car than with any other i've ever seen. Are the brembos fundamentally more prone to stuck pads?

I don't know why this isn't happening to everyone... but when I searched I found nothing.
Torsion said:
I don't know why this isn't happening to everyone... but when I searched I found nothing.
I don't drive mine in the rain. ;)


2012 PW #2558
I don't drive mine in the rain either. But I have washed her and then put her right in the garage w/out driving for a few days/week or so. And same thing happned, the pads lock due to rust. Like others have stated.. just moved the car forward or back and hear a clunk and then good to go. Was super alarming first time though. Now if I wash her, I just drive up and down the driveway holding the brakes on.... Hope it doesn't happen again. :(
This happens everytime I wash the Boss,don't drive in the rain unless I get caught in it.After washing, the next day I push the car enough to relocate the pads, 8'' or so.They dont stick to bad in 24 hrs,but the longer its left the harder it is to break free.I agree they rust onto the rotors,thought the Tranny was locking up the first couple times this happened.
Thanks for the feedback, all. I'll be more mindful from now on when I "put it away wet"...

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