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Auto Transport companies

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Does anyone know or can recommend a quality car transport company. I need to transport my 2013 LS from North Carolina to Georgia. Not concern with cost I am looking for quality company and I am looking for a company that can transport my car in a enclosed trailer.

I appreciate the feedback.
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3-5 Years
Fort Worth
I would NOT recommend Mecum or McCollister's Transportation Group! My '12 LS arrived with a large scratch along the top section of driver door, clearly caused by transport driver scooting between cars with something sharp hanging from his waist (keys, phone, pocket knife, jacket zipper, etc.). They refused to admit fault because I discovered it only 14 minutes after taking official possession of the car (ie, signing the release). I argue that I was offered only 3 delivery options (all at night time hours) and that adequate inspection was not capable in a dark parking lot at 9:45 pm (February, winter hours). To date, their insurance refuses to cover the damage. Bottom line, inspect the car in broad daylight, or with very bright light, and spend as much time as possible inspecting every detail before accepting the car. Take very close up, high resolution photos (better yet, video) at delivery, in case you happen to miss something. Don't let a hurried driver pressure you into signing sooner.

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