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Bob's Ton of Posts!

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Go Bob go! goes....drum roll, please.................thanx.........2K is HUGE for the few of the TMO members who have gotten here ( and are going on to much more!) & the many that will never get here for one reason or another.Summer is officially OVER this afternoon...hope you enjoyed yours!..Too soon, right? This may become my newly adopted thread to carry me to the 3K mark..Grant 302, do you mind if I jump ship? Since this deed has been done ALL eyes must now focus on our next milestone hurdler...U NO WHO!

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Jump ship? Gotta keep it up to hit that 3k mark.

You're 11th in total post count. You should knock out 10th and 9th relatively soon!
TymeSlayer..........Thanks..but remember to respect your elders..:).With the title of this thread what it is, I feel an obligation to stay busy..........the Boss is getting jealous..:rolleyes:..both of them!
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Am I at 3K yet? This may take more effort than I bargained for! Remember that Everybody..... for Everything you go for in life! Nothing is a is earned!!!! ( one way or another)!..and if achieved will be never be me!...I've been there.....On a lighter note...Happy Fall everybody!..........Maybe that's not much lighter?
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Once my post count catches up with our current year number I gotta take a break! This post pace is killin Me! I may not sleep tonite knowing this new Bob thread has come on board..............on the other hand, I may sleep soundly...only time will tell as it always does...;)

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