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Borla Axel Back video

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I finally was able to get the video done...

It compares the Stock Exhaust with plates removed, to the Borla ATAK Exhaust with plates removed...
TrackKey was used both times..

Thanks for the video. The exhaust looks and sounds amazing. Looks like the valence was made for this exhaust because the tips fit perfectly in the opening. Do you like how it sticks out past the valence? Any issues with the install?
I think it looks better than the stock exhaust, no issues with the install, took about an hour on the lift, tips practically align themselves, but you do have to loosen a bolt or 2 and have someone help you center them if they don't get that way themselves, Driver side is the we had to adjust slightly... Nothing to difficult. (Also, this axel back exhaust only has about 50 miles on it so far, and from what I understand it will get louder the more miles you have on it...), at least a little louder anyways...
8) I've heard those on a 5.0 and they sound fantastic.
the stock exhaust was constant and seemed "high pitched" at times, were this exhaust is constant, but deeper so you don't notice it as much at constant speeds, but when you get on it, you definitely notice it, and everyone else around you does to...
There is a reason why they cost so much. Amazing sound man. My favorites by far. They do sound better in person, though. A camera can't seem to do them justice. Thanks for posting the video.
American Muscle is who I bought mine through... If it wasn't for the Sandy SuperStorm, then I would have had them in 3 days, but it took an extra 4 days due to the storm...
Those sound awesome! I was going to put them on the Boss but ended up going with Corsa Extremes. Love the Corsa Extremes. Great fit, sound, quality, etc. However, those Borla's sound incredible.
Sounds awesome! Any boss owners try the Pype Bombs. Im thinking of headers, offroad x-pipe, with the pype bombs.


sadil said:
Sounds awesome! Any boss owners try the Pype Bombs. Im thinking of headers, offroad x-pipe, with the pype bombs.

I'm installing pype bomb axle backs next week along with my MGW shifter. :) I'll make a before and after video and post it.

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