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BOSS #1289

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Have BOSS #1289, CO with Recaro and Torsen in my garage. How did I get it? I found it at CARMAX! Had 700 miles, and someone sold it to Carmax!! I wonder to this time right now what in the world he was thinking, and what they gave him for it. I got the car under MSRP (obviously) since previous owner, but seeing as how the 2 dealers in my area that had a White and Black, and a Race Red and Black were still asking $5k ADM, I couldn't wait any longer and had the car transferred to my area, looked it over thoroughly, drove it, and bought it that day!

According to CARFAX Information, the car was originally sold in NC. Really ticked me off that they installed the front liscense tag!! - Screw holes in the front bumper :-( Other than that, car is perfect. Have had no issues that I can tell driving it that would have warranted selling it right away. Have 1500 miles now, and 0 oil loss, etc. The other crappy thing is that the guy did not save the sticker and put it in the glove box or anything. Maybe he was not a car nut and didn't know what he actually had?? Maybe there is some way I can have one sent. I found the Ford site where you can view it and saved it anyway.

Got to say, not sure what happened here, but sure was my gain!!
Congratulations. I recall someone selling their CO Boss to Carmax but I can't remember if it was here or at TMS. Maybe the previous owner will mail you the window sticker if you can track them down. If not you can download the window sticker and check with member PTRocks and see if he can help you.
Congrats on finding it. Things happen- people buy things they can't afford, lose their jobs, get sick, find out it is something they don't like or can't handle, etc. You can get a certificate of authenticity or I think even a window sticker from Ford Performance Group.
Here ya go, click on Enthusiasts then you will see Cool Stuff click on that and you will see the window sticker. put you vin number in the box and for $15 bucks they will send you the actual sticker that has the backing on it that can be peeled off and put back on the window.
Great information! Thanks! Was just about 70 degrees today, so had to go out and have a little fun. I needed to check with some people about fixing some rock chips I picked up on the way to Charleston anyway. Tested tc a couple of times while I was at it. :) Too much fun can be had in this thing! It seems that some folks either have a LOT of cars in the garage, or put down previous cars they own in the profile. I'm thinking the latter, so will add what I have had over the years. If I only had a couple of these now.....

Thanks again! I will probably order the sticker just to keep.

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