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BOSS #1438 is now at home in Oshawa Ontario Canada.

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Hello everyone,
It's great to finally understand what everyone says about driving their BOSS. It's incredible! BOSS #1438 is White with the car cover. No Recaro seats or Torsen. To answer the big question, yes I got it for list price. Though in Canada list price is $48199.00 . I am driving it as often as I can before the snow comes. Again it is awsome to finally be part of the BOSS owners group.
Congratulations and welcome to BMO. Be sure and post a few photos and you'll need to use an external photo hosting site.
Ya it really is a blast driving the Boss around Oshawa. Specially when there's all these Camaros all over the place. Just wished I had the BOSS two months ago when the celebration of the Camaro weekend was at the GM head quarters here. There was thousands of them!!! Other Mustang guys love it and the Camaro guys hate it. I guess they are waiting for the ZL1 to come out or something.

Boss 1309 if go to any of the DaSilva Racing events then I will probably see you sometime.
Glad to get some more Canucks in the stable. Congratulations! Boss is a super ride, eh? Being a Minnesotan, I feel I'm allowed to say that since everyone in No. Cal when I was living there thought I had a Canadian accent. Plus, you and I both need to store the Boss pretty soon with winter approaching...dang!
If the people of Northern California think you sound Canadian. You must say... right, ya know and Eh! quite frequently. I have only had the BOSS for 3 weeks now. I hope I get another month or two before the snow starts to fly and they start putting down that liquid de-icer stuff. That stuff is really bad and they just drench the roads whenever there is a threat of freezing temperatures. Well enjoy it while you can jimprw and thanks everyone for the congrats/welcome. It was a long time coming and now it's awesome to have the BOSS.

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