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Boss 1538 Comes home to Dallas

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Hello all,

I am new to posting to these boards but I have been reading them for awhile. I have been wanting to get a Boss Mustang for many months now but was told by all the local dealerships that I would have to pay at least 5K over sticker or I would have to wait until next year :-(. Anyhow to make a long story short, Tony Fuentes over at Ford Country in Lewisville Texas was able to get me a Boss Mustang surprisingly quick, and at MSRP. I also bought my Lightning from them 10 years ago. So today I picked up number 1538 from the dealership. She arrived with 2 stablemates (yes 3 Bosses delivered in one shipment to one dealership). Lucky for me! Here are some pics. Mine is the Yellow Blaze one.











Congrats Chris!

#722 Race Red also in Dallas. Will keep an eye out for you on the roads - I've had mine about a month now, and have yet to see more than one other Boss in the metroplex. Spotted a white one over in Forney the day after I got mine, haven't seen another since. That's part of what I like about the Boss - 99 times out of 100, the only one on the road!

Have fun! Beautiful :)
Congrats, Chris! Nice color choice. I just spent a week in Dallas and didn't see one Boss on the road. Not surprising though based on how big Dallas-Fort Worth is. Anybody ever find a needle in a haystack?
Interesting note.

When I first drove the car it had only five miles on it. I heard about this "Transport Mode" thing and I thought I read it automatically turns off at 8 miles or so. Well I noticed right away the car was not pulling very well (seemed like the ECM was pulling timing out). So once I passed 10 miles and the power still seemed low I was a tad bit concerned. Well anyhow once I hit about 15 miles it was like a switch went off and POW, the engine came to life. Now it is pulling quite well, although I haven't had a good opportunity to really tach it up just yet (I took the car home in Dallas rush hour traffic). Today I will go out and see what she can really do (as part of my break in procedure ;) ). Maybe I will take out those baffles too if I can stand wrenching in the heat today. It is forecast for 106 degrees today in Dallas.

Congrats! My YB arrived here in OKC this morning, but it is still at the rail yard. Hope to pick it up Monday. Should be pretty close to yours in build number.

I love the Yellow Blaze. Since 3 Bosses arrived at the dealership I got to see them all side by side and I think I like my color choice the best. The sales guys thought the yellow looked awesome as well.

The only downside is my 5 year old daughter just named my car "Honey Bee" ???
I have to agree you picked the best color option. What I think is funny though is that i read that Yellow Blaze mustangs were not a big seller for Ford.... Seems to be VERY popular in the Boss community!!

I think the black stripes and the black roof really make the color work. Without the black contrast it probably would not be nearly as appealing.

Congrats on your new purchase!!! Trying not to sound too biased, but Yellow Blaze is by far the best color choice for the Boss Mustang. If you know any history about the car you too would agree.

Enjoy breaking it in......any miles on this piece of machinery is great!!
STIG302 said:
Congrats, Chris! Nice color choice. I just spent a week in Dallas and didn't see one Boss on the road. Not surprising though based on how big Dallas-Fort Worth is. Anybody ever find a needle in a haystack?

I live in the Metorplex and travel the city and most of East TX and have seen only one other Boss on the road period. Still looking for that needle. We need a Boss gathering in the DFW area soon.
Sounds good to me. I also met one of the other new Boss owners at the Dealership. I got his phone number and sent him a text to check out these forums. He sounded interested in getting together with any other local Boss owners as well.


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