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Boss 302 LS on debut of The Car Show

Just wanted you all know that The Car Show on Speed channel will debut with a Boss 302 LS and what appears to be a M3 on the track together. Looks like it will be fun to watch on July 13th.
Recorded and watched "The Car Show" and it was the episode of 24 hours of Lemons. At no time did they do anything on the Boss, it was in the intro but that's it.

I will continue to record all episodes, but it was not on the debut.
I was tricked. The teaser trailer that was shown on Fox was full of Boss 302 video and the debut was without the Boss :( Darn, those marketing people!
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in The Car Show at this point. Their bits are pretty weak and only the occasional funny comment from Adam makes it worthwhile. The girls on last night's episode weren't bad to look at though. :eek:
atrain1975 said:
I'm hoping that the group will get into a groove because I think there is some potential. However, I don't see what John Salley brings to the show.
I agree and I'm ok with John Salley being on the show. I have not watched the second show yet.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Second show was amusing.

I am hoping we will see the Boss in a later episode; although it will probably be another re-hash of Dan Neil's off-target review.

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