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Boss 302s ABS controller and EPAS steering modes

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I’ve recently installed a Boss 302S/R ABS controller in my 2012 Boss 302. This forces the EPAS steering mode to lock into “sport”. Disabling the stability and traction control with the button press and hold prior to changing the ABS controller did the same thing.
Anyone know of a way to get the comfort and standard EPAS modes available again?
And would the same happen with the Boss 302R EPAS rack, or does it only have one calibration to begin with?
Thanks. And do the calibrations live on the EPAS rack itself, not somewhere else in the I assume? Any insight on the effort and feel of the Boss 302R EPAS rack versus stock street Boss rack in sport setting?
It's all disabled with the module as it's meant for dedicated RR cars. I do believe it has "comfort" steering feel for pits and low speed, then turns to the "sport" feel at speed.
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Yes I think the calibration is all on the EPAS and can't be tuned. I'm not sure about the 302R rack, I've heard from people that it isn't much different and it's meant for track / slicks and the competition FLCA bushing so the smoothing is removed. If you have the 12+ rack then you won't have issues with FLCA bushing swaps so it isn't worth the money to swap to a 302R rack.

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